Check out the Top Five beer festivals in the world

Check out the Top Five beer festivals in the world

Top Beer Festivals 2019

image source:Expedia ViewfinderThere are many festivals out there that are celebrated with much glamour and prompt. Then they are some festivals that can surprise us of its existence. They are unique, fun and often bring together a whole town or country, like most of the other festivals too. The beer festival that is celebrated in many parts of the world is one among them. The festival is for all the beer lovers out there who get to taste some of the rarest beers and get into the party mode for the drinking parties. Here are the top five counties that take the beer festival seriously and celebrate it like none other.
1. Oktoberfest

beer festival 2019image source:Local Germany

This fest is one of the biggest and greatest beer festivals in the world and is celebrated in Munich, Germany. Around 6 million people attend this festival and celebrate their love for the drink. Around 6.9 million liters of beer are consumed by people just during this festival. The greatest beer festival 2019 happening over here from the end of September to early October is also known for the costumes and amazing German food.Read more:Belgian Beer Weekend 2019
2. Great British Beer Festival

beer festival 2019image source:The Drinks Business

This festival which is also known as the biggest pub in the world is organized by a campaign for real ale. The London based festival has almost 6 lakh people attending it. The beer festival that happens in the early week of August also features live entertainment, pub games and of course beer from over 100 breweries from all around the world.
3. Great American beer festival

greatest beer festivals 2019image source:Great American Beer Festival

The beer festival 2019 in America saw over 2000 varieties of beer from more than 500 breweries in the country. According to the Guinness book of records, the festival is the largest venue for varieties of draft beer. Various competitions are also conducted during this greatest beer festival to find out the best beer. This competition is judged by more than 100 judges and the winner is announced by the president of brewers association.Read more:Stay At This Beer-Themed Hotel Inside A Brewery
4. Qingdao beer festival

beer festivalimage source:Qingdao

This is the largest beer festival in Asia and runs a month long. By hosting various beer-drinking parties, the festival usually takes place in August in Qingdao town. The beer festival feature various varieties of beers brewed not just by Chinese breweries but international breweries as well. With other events like bikini contests, carnivals and parades are the festivals are a hit among the Asians.
5. Vermonts brewer festival

greatest beer festivalsimage source:Burlington Free Press

The festival takes place in the beautiful city of Vermont in July. However, the festival which is known for its quality and distinct can be attended only by those who have been lucky enough to get the invitee to the festival. Vermont being home to a large number of breweries offers the best beers and to be part of this festival is the dream of anyone who is an ardent lover of beer.Plan the beer festival you would want to attend and go crazy as you experience this amazing festival filled with drinks, entertainment and lots and lots of fun.Read more:10 best vacation cities for beer lovers