A Complete Travel Guide to Myanmar

A Complete Travel Guide to Myanmar

Myanmar Travel Guide

Image source:myanmartravel.ccMyanmar is the land of rich cultural heritage, traditions and the beautiful landscape with glided pagodas. Formally it is known as Burma. This Southeast Asian nation is occupied by more than 100 ethnic groups. A nation that has faced several challenges for almost a decade, rise and fall of so many empires, military dictatorship is now turning into the hottest tourist destination. Myanmar has opened its gates for tourism and eventually, it has taken an important place in many enlightened souls who pass through. When anyone wants to sum up the vacationing at Myanmar they can enjoy untouched beaches, ancient temples and of course a thrilling culture to tangle with.
Myanmar Visa Policy
Visa on Arrival is the best option for the tourists traveling to Myanmar. Indian Travellers too can opt for Visa on Arrival. Indian passport holders can get Visa on Arrival at Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw International Airports for a fee of $50. If you have your visa ready and a valid passport with at least six months of validity from the time of entry in hand, you should have no trouble entering Myanmar either by air or land. A single-entry tourist visa lasts 28 days only. Visa-free travel is permitted for 14 days or in some cases longer than that for Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, and Laos passport holders. Tourists must have a passport that is valid for at leastsix monthsafter your departure from Myanmar.Read more:Myanmar offer visa on arrival to Indians
Best time to visit Myanmar
Myanmar enjoys a tropical climate. Although you can travel to Myanmar round the year. The best time to visit Myanmar is during the drier months of winter that is from November to February. As the monsoon brings rain from June to September and it is unmanageable to visit at that time. From March to May Myanmar becomes very hot. Bagan and Mandalay often see temperature excess in 40.C.
Getting around in Myanmar
Although the condition of roads in Myanmar is not stable in most regions, several modes of transportation will make your trip at ease.By FlightFlights run by big companies are a reliable and safer mode of transportation in Myanmar. Some other flight services are there but they have created so many accidents in the regions, that why tourists don not trust the flight services.By TrainFor traveling to remote areas of Myanmar, trains can not be the best option. But the best services can be experienced in the famous routes like Yangon to Mandalay and Yangon to Naypyidaw.By BusBus services in Myanmar are the most trusted and safer. But it is a little bit slower in the remote areas. Bus services make the trip ease when tourists love to travel to rural areas to enjoy the scenic beauty. The fare of the bus is pocket-friendly but in some prime routes of Myanmar, bus fare is more than a train fare too.
Accommodation in Myanmar
Accommodation in Myanmar is having huge options and they are suitable for every budget. The hotels prefer the payments in Kyat (Currency of Myanmar). Budget accommodation starts from $5 per night to $40 per night. They are simple family-run guesthouses that provide basic facilities to the tourists. In some remote areas, you may not find 24 hours of electricity supply, hot waters and A.C rooms too. Mid-rangeaccommodation occupies the$40to$120price range. Here, you will find somethingmore spaciouswith generally higher standards, and almost always offering24 hours of electricity,air conditioning, andyour bathroom.Luxuryaccommodation starts at$120per night and can go up to$400for high-end hotels in Yangon or top tourist spots.Here you can expect high-end facilities with all modern amenities. 24 hours room services, laundry, and free internet too.

Top Things to do in Myanmar

If your soul seeks adventure at the golden land of Myanmar, then try these essentials to make your holiday fun-filled. So here we go with the list of top things which is worth doing in Myanmar.
Climb the Mandalay Hill

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This hill is located at a height of 760 ft. The climb takes 30 minutes, but you may take a longer time if you stop in between. If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset then take a break at Summit viewpoint which is very popular among the tourists. The walk-up of covered stairways on the hills southern slope is a major part of the experience. The tourists need to go barefoot as they pass through the temples and pagodas. There are two southern stairs. The entrance to the stairs is protected by two Chinthes, huge leogryphs that often protect temples/Pagodas in Southeast Asia. The Chinthe is also in Kyat. Kyat is the official currency of Myanmar. The most obvious starts between two giantchinthe(half-lion, half-dragon guardian deities), with 1729 steps. There are fourcovered stairs popularly known as saungdan leading up the top from the north, south, east, and west. The most beautiful statute of Gautama Buddha depicting the establishment of Mandalay, pointing his right hand towards the Mandalay in the plains.Location:Mandalay Region, Myanmar
The Scenic Sunset At Shwedagon Pagoda

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This is the most sacred pagoda and the most important Buddhist temples around the globe. This temple enshrines eight hairs of Gautama Buddha as well as relics of three former Buddhas. The Golden stupa that forms the central part of the pagoda which is 99 meters tall and it is entirely covered with gold plates. The crown umbrella is having 5,000 diamonds and 2000 rubies. The umbrella is finished off with a 76-carat diamond. Tourists can have an incredible experience of viewing Sunset from here and they can have divine blessings at the same time.Location:Yangon, Myanmar
The U Bein Bridge

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U Bein Bridge is a crossing that spans the Taungthaman Lake near Amarapura in Myanmar. This bridge was built in the year 1850 and it is 1.2 km long. This is the oldest bridge in the world made up of teak. Tourists love to count their step while walking over the bridge. The bridge was built at a slight curve. This bridge is having a royal history although it does not appear so. Some of the pillars have been replaced with concrete, and many of the original planks will needto be replaced or refurbished, lest they come off completely. Nonetheless, the bridge is still a beautiful and popular place to capture the beauty of Myanmar.This bridge is the most loved destination for those who have a keen interest in photography. The cuts of the bridge are having a striking feature and the longest bridge is worth seeing in Myanmar.Location:Amarapura, Myanmar
Trek Through The Splendid Views Of Kalaw

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Kalaw is the most ideal starting point to get ready to explore the mysterious Shan State of Myanmar. This place has lots of things to offer from beautiful scenery to incredible food. It is not a place packed with tourist prime attraction but the trekking experience is incredible in Kalaw, located in the south of Mandalay. The breezy atmosphere will make you feel heavenly while trekking. While trekking tourists can enjoy freshly prepared home-cooked cuisine.
Location:Kalaw Township, Taunggyi District, Shan State, Myanmar
Inle Lake

lake inle, myanmarimage source:fodors.com

If you want to make your Myanmar trip memorable and click the best shots of your life then the enchanting view of Inle lake is the perfect destination for you. It is the second-largest freshwater lake in the nation. Other fun things in Myanmar include fishing, observing and trying your hands at lotus-weaving, buying the colorful shan paper umbrella and touring the floating garden. This lake is 13.5 miles long and 7 miles wide. It is the most anticipated destination of Myanmar. Tourists can spend some time at this most iconic destination of Myanmar.Location:Shan State, Myanmar
Ananda Temple

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This is the ancient holy temple in Myanmar. This temple is must-visit places in Myanmar as it is having stories of Buddha incorporated in the inside walls of the temple. It is one of the Bagan popular temples in Myanmar. This is the first temple build in Bagan and it is well preserved too. The temples most distinctive feature is the gilded sikhara, the tower like a spire on top of the pagoda. The reflection of the gilded sikhara is visible from miles away over the Bagan plains. The Ananda Pagoda is lit up by spotlights after dark. The temple is having a symmetrical architecture with the layout of the Greek cross.Location:Nyaung-U, Myanmar
Water diving in theWaters Of Mergui Archipelago

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Known as the tropical paradise of Myanmar, Mergui Archipelago seems like pearls scattered on a blue velvet bed sheet. It appears as 800 islands scattered over the Andaman sea just off the eastern coast of Myanmar. This has turquoise water. While diving you will have the unique vibrant fishes. This is the perfect way to explore the marine life. This site serves as the perfect spot to snorkel, dive and relax on the shores. Tourists should make sure that they book packages before-hand.Location:Tanintharyi Region, South Myanmar
Burmese Cuisine

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Burmese cuisine is a mix of various cuisines from different regions of Myanmar. The cuisine is influenced by the cuisines of neighboring countries. The famous Burmese cuisine includes yummy Mont Lin Ma Yar, which looks like tiny doughs of crisp chickpeas, quail eggs, and scallions. You can also savor some of the other famous cuisines exclusive to Myanmar like, Shan noodles, Burmese pancakes, and Ikan Bakar which is the best in Chinatown region.This year we plan a holiday to Myanmar. It is the perfect holiday destination for one who is seeking mental peace and of course, wants to satisfy their souls with thrilling adventure activities. While planning a vacation to Southeast Asian countries none traveler can deny the charming beauty of Myanmar. This is the perfect destination to explore the elaborative historical background and great architecture of the golden land. Every view will leave you wide-eyed.Read more:Imperative Information You Need to Know about India to Thailand Road Trip