Best Beaches in Goa for Families to Enjoy Tropical State

Best Beaches in Goa for Families to Enjoy Tropical State

Troubled minds are calmed when land meets sea. So give your family a dose of Vitamin SEA by taking them to any of Goa's best beaches for families.
Goa with the family is a great idea and you shouldn't ignore it if your family is about to record unique moments on golden sands and turquoise waters.
Goa's beaches for family vacations are quiet, secluded, and shallow. In short, they have a bit of depth that makes them kid friendly.
Among the palm-fringed trees, young tourists or their family will find picture cabins serving delicious cuisine.
Speaking of water sports in Goa to enjoy with the family, it includes windsurfing, parasailing, waterskiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and much more.

The milky shoreline, gently lapping the waves, makes Goa the dream destination for swimmers in India.

What should you know before going to Goa's best beaches for families?

You should know that Goa is divided into two parts: North and South. These two areas are in Goa. South Goa and its beaches are more idyllic than North Goa. Thanks to the elite crowd that thrives more in South Goa than North Goa.

But that doesn't make North Goa any less worthy. In fact, the north also has a number of unspoiled beaches.
What essentially distinguishes them from each other are their preferences. Some prefer solitude and tranquility, while others want to relax on the beaches.
If you prefer tranquility to anything else, we suggest that you make South Goa your base camp for a beach vacation with the family.

When is the best time to visit the beaches of Goa with the family?

Goa is a coastal city, therefore the best time to visit Goa's beaches with the family is from October to March.
These are the months when the sun is not affected by heat. Also, April falls in summer in Goa and June is another perfect time to enjoy Goa beach adventures.
July to September is the least preferred time to visit the beaches of Goa because the monsoon brings the dangers of high tide and therefore water sports are not so enjoyed.

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is one of the cleanest and quietest beaches, and its waters are relatively shallow. Located in South Goa, Palolem Beach is one of Goa's best beaches for families. When you get to Palolem Beach, you will see fewer people here, and most of them are foreigners. Silent night parties decorate Palolem Beach for party lovers. Explore the entrances to the beach on a gondola ride, watch dolphins, and enjoy water sports.

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What's so special about Palolem Beach for families?

  • The shallow depth of this area is the main reason Palolem Beach is a sight to behold.
  • There are relaxing beach cabanas and designated loungers right on the sand.
  • You can enjoy delicious brunch and international cuisine meals in the shacks dotted around Palolem Beach and the surrounding area.
  • Relaxing your mind, body and soul with yoga on the beach is the best thing to do at Palolem Beach for families.
  • There are massage parlors dotted around Palolem Beach where you can stretch your mind, clear and purify.

Colva Beach

Stunning sunsets and beautiful blue waves await you at Colva Beach. Synchronize your family or the little tourists of your clan with the gurgling of the crystal clear waters at Colva beach.
Located in South Goa, Colva Beach has a long shoreline for sunset and sunset walks. Also, your family or children will love watching the fishing boats dock in search of the fish they catch. Colva Beach is the main beach in South Goa for the locals and is therefore expected to be surrounded by more Indians than foreigners.

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What's so special about Colva Beach for families?

  • Colva beach has amazing white sand compared to other golden sand beaches in Goa.
  • The towering coconut palms are lined where your family members can sit and have a coconut.
  • You can stay in quirky cabins. In addition to all this, you can buy souvenirs in local markets and markets.

Agonda Beach

This is another family beach in South Goa, a boon for family tourists due to its solitude and tranquility. Located between Palolem and Cola Beach, Agonda Beach has spacious beachfront resorts where you can extend your stay.
The waves at Agonda Beach are perfect for beginner surfers. Take the family to Agonda Beach in South Goa, under the shade of trees lined with palm and coconut trees. If you want to take a vacation and enjoy tons of water sports in one place, Agonda Beach is the perfect place to go! Did we mention that Agonda Beach is a conservation site for olive ridley turtles?

What's so special about Agonda Beach for families?

  • This beach is so nice and clean that you can see fish and crabs.
  • Dolphin watching boat trips are a heartwarming activity that you can do on Agonda Beach.
  • There are lovely little bungalows in the cabins to make your day trip more comfortable.

Calangute Beach

Surround yourself with foreign tourists in North Goa at Calangute Beach. If you or someone in your family is a fan of tattoos, this beach in North Goa is the place to go without a second thought.
Calangute Beach is synonymous with the queen of beaches in Goa because here you can swim, surf and enjoy a variety of water sports along with exciting nightly beach parties. Unfortunately, Calangute Beach in North Goa is still crowded due to noise, so we suggest that you take a group hike after sunset. Without a doubt, the water sports at Calangute Beach come in a range of options.

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What's so special about Calangute Beach for families?

  • Sun loungers, plenty of sun, and an authentic Goan experience are the highlights of Calangute Beach.
  • Near the beach there are markets where you can buy local souvenirs.
  • Cabanas, music and fun greet you when you are on Calangute Beach.

Dona Paula Beach

This coastal attraction on the outskirts of Panjim has its own legend of love. Doña Paula Beach is named after the daughter of the Portuguese viceroy, who became desperately fascinated by a Goa fisherman and then committed suicide. The Portuguese viceroy named the beach after the death of his daughter. Many tourists crowd, but there are hardly ever many people. You can find elite people in Panjim doing morning and evening excursions. The sunset on Dona Paula beach begs to wait for dusk. Due to its strategic location in North Goa.
Dona Paula Beach is surrounded by luxury and inexpensive resorts, so plan your stay according to your budget. Plan a visit to Dona Paula Beach with your family to relive your Goa vacation forever.

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What is special about Dona Paula Beach for families?

  • Bollywood Movie - Singam was filmed here.
  • Many fishing boats can be seen on the horizon.
  • There is also a free parking area, and there are many beach huts waiting for you.