Best Brunch in Europe

Best Brunch in Europe

While you are travelling, good food is must and most of all the brunches. Hopping around places in Europe you will find a lot of places to eat but for the best brunches you must surely go through our list. Because with good places to see we need a satisfied belly.

God Save the Food, Italy

Situated in the midst of Brera in a beautiful market square, God Save The Food is one of the best Milanese founding where you can order a meal at any time of the day, any day. The dishes they serve are delicious, try as many as you can coz the delicacies here fill your palette to your hearts content. From super food salads to fajitas and fresh smoothies, this place is perfect for brunches. The place has aesthetic value to itself and the service is fast and clean. Not just the brunch, you must also try dinners and lunch coz they have a large menu for every time of the day. Happy eating!

Jar Kitchen, London

If you want to eat fresh and hygienic food with delicious British ingredients then Jar Kitchen is a perfect choice. The restaurant serves at all times of the day but their Saturday Bottomless Brunch is an experience you cannot miss. The Bottomless Brunch menu has amazing two and three-course meal options that include delicacies like yoghurt and granola, cheddar croquettes, sourdough bread topped with avocados, and house-cured Earl Grey Salmon. The dishes' varied flavors set off the restaurant's East London vibe. Most of the dishes are served in jars, hence the name Jar Kitchen. The restaurant has a friendly, warm, and inviting ambience.

Holybelly Paris

 The simplicity is the key here. Holybelly prepares simple food in traditional ways with fresh, local ingredients. The menu consists of various cuisines from around the world and, as a result, is visited by not just locals but also from travelers across the world. The restaurant has an old not so exciting atmosphere but the service is fast and the food is perfect. The restaurant has such great food that you shall visit it again and again. The menu isnt the same year long; it changes as per the availability of seasonal ingredients. So all those that wish to eat affordable and fresh are more than welcome here.

La Esquina, Barcelona

The brunch at La Esquina includes freshly made baked eggs, fried egg sandwich and pancakes using local ingredients. The food here is exceptional as it is prepared with simple yet traditional recipes with expertly crafted mouth-watering meals. This is an exceptional place for the foodies as it is priced at affordable price with homemade, humble, simple dishes prepared with love. The London based chef here named Alan Stewart is inspired by his grandmothers methods of cooking and wishes to continue the legacy. Hence all the food items have one ingredient in common and that is love. The space has a stylish and rustic feel, making it extremely appealing.

Zweitbester, Vienna

To enjoy the energy and vibes of the busy city you must visit Zweitbester for an extraordinary brunch in a lively setting. The restaurant has brick walls and stylish furniture with funky settings that make this one of the most appealing spots in Vienna. Apart from the ambience the menu is exclusive and prepared fresh. The best brunch is a mix of pressed juices, baked goods, and hearty breakfast foods that makes it versatile. We recommend pairing a hot croissant and homemade marmalade with an omelet. You can get the omelet fried as per your preferences. Zweitbester is one of the most famous places in Vienna and so you can experience meeting and interacting with people from across the world along with a sumptuous meal.

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz in Lisbon

TheRitz in Lisbon serves some of the most exclusive brunch every Sunday in the Varanda Restaurant. It has some real mouthwatering brunch such that includes Panettone French Toast and the delicious Ritz Eggs Benedict and also has an international cuisine cooking station with dishes from around the world, and seafood, ceviche and sushi. If you have a sweet tooth start with the pastries, like a flaky croissant or house made muffin.

Mama Shelter Hotel in Pari

Another amazing place for brunch in Paris is hippyMama Shelter hotel. This is one of the citys coolest rooftop restaurant specially designed by Philippe Starck. And what makes it absolute is the buffet brunch that includes all the best American, European, and French flavors. The pastries are a must have because the pastry chef is great at his art of pastry making. Try the Amandine Fruit Tart or the chocolate lollipops.

General Merchants Caf in Belfast

General Merchants is a must visit restaurantin East Belfast owing to its excellent food, super fast service and great ambience. If you are lucky enough you may also get a chance to meet the cast of Game of Thrones as they visit here often on week offs nearby shooting locations. We suggest if you happen to be here do order the avocado toast with vegemite, capers, pickled red onion and parsley.

G's Brunch Boat inAmsterdam

A brunch on an authentic canal boat in Amsterdam is the specialty and uniqueness of the G's Brunch Boat. You shall enjoy the views while cruising along the canals of Amsterdam on an open-top riverboat. The Brunch Boat starts every Saturday and Sunday from Keizersgracht 198 (by the Homomonument). The boat is serves warm delicious dishes including Eggs Benedict with spinach, ham, or bacon, and an egg-topped Caesar Salad with pariggiano and bacon bits.

Picnic in Barcelona

Barcelona has one of the most amazing brunch places i.e.Picnic. It has some of the best tasting brunch dishes like the large sized chipotle and horseradish Bloody Marys, and has the Spanish-American twist on all its dishes (Quinoa Hashbrown Croquetas, Fried Green Tomatoes with Feta and Fresh Corn Salsa, Pulled Pork Chilaquiles). Once you go here you would wish to explore the entire menu, and that will take quite a while.READ MORE:-