Best Goa beaches to visit after Covid-19 3rd wave

Best Goa beaches to visit after Covid-19 3rd wave

The pristine stretch of coastline in this west Indian state is a gorgeous main event: here are some best goa beach 


1. Candolim
A slightly more subdued alternative to bustling Calangute, the neighbouring party goa beach.

This is the reason why Candolim is known for its clear desert, fresh water, fresh sea air and gentle breeze. Candolim is known for its beauty in goa beach. Adventists can also enjoy paragliding, banana-picking, sailing, and air travel. After drinking on the sand, head to the nearby lodge to quench your thirst with a refreshing cocktail of traditional Goan spirit. Now peace will flow in you.


2. Patnem
What a great way to screw people up and start their day.

Why Patnem Goa Beach is heaven for those who want to have a great time. There are few roads leading to hotels and nightlife. Instead, spend a lot of time in a cool, wet cabin on the sand or take a yoga break. It has clean sand to relax with with fresh water to swim in. While you are here, try New Zealand flavored lamb cooked exclusively near Nada Brahma Bar/Restaurant.


3. Miramar
A scenic goa beach that looks as though a photograph of it's vista should hang in the most distinguished of art galleries.

Miramar is said to be one of the best in Goa beach , owing to its incomparable views over the Arabian Sea and its sweet and green sands. When you're ready to swim or bathe in the sun, head to the sand and nice souvenirs and nice restaurants. Walk through the sunset in search of love and experience the beauty of Miramar (and shoot the honeymoon).


4. Agonda
A super-relaxed stretch of sand located 15 minutes from Palolem.

If you are going to a party and looking for a relaxing atmosphere, then Agonda Goa Beach should be on your list. This is where the main thing of the day is to swim and swim. As a bonus, its soft sand attracts olive moths that come here to lay eggs. You can enjoy the experience by staying away and away from the photo.


5. Cavelossim
It is one of the most beautiful Goa Beach with black stones, white sand, ten kilometers of blue water and many coconut trees.

If there is a good place behind you, it is not good. You are not only enjoying the natural beauty, but the calm sea environment is enough for a swim. Canoeing, kayaking and dolphin rides are also available.

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