Best Places to Spot Dolphins in India

Best Places to Spot Dolphins in India

image source-Monterey Bay Aquarium

Dolphinsin India

Dolphins are most amazing, intelligent and friendly mammals. Everyone loves to watch the different acts of Dolphins. But when the Dolphins are in their natural habitat, displaying their jumping and cavorting in the natural water is an incredible experience. The Dolphins can jump up to the heights of 20 feet. They are very helpful to each other and often help other species too. So if you are in a mood to spot this friendly mammal, no need to have a big fat budget or travel abroad. No need to head towards Australia or Singapore, there are lots of spot in India only where you can spot Dolphins. Here is a list of the best places to visit in India for some memorable dolphin spotting.Read more:-Best Places To Visit In India In June: Summer Vacations Done Right!


The Indian Las Vegas (Goa) is the best place to spot Dolphins in India. The dolphins that live in coastal waters of Goa are generally from the species of Indo-ocean humped dolphins Sousa. They are characterized by the noticeable hump and the extended back flipper of adult species. The dolphins Sousa reach in growth from 1, 8 to 2, 4 meter and in weight from 100 to 139 kg. They are under law protection as an endangered species.Every tourist loved destination is Goa and adds on to the charm comes with spotting Dolphins skipping through the waves, carefree and unrestricted. Dolphin spotting is not a science. So when you are on Goa, then the sunrise at Goa can be more interesting with Dolphin Spotting. Several travel agencies in Goa offer sea cruises for dolphin trips. Boat trip to habitats of dolphins are very popular among tourists, and children always delighted. But you can also hire a local fisherman and they offer affordable charges too.Read more:-The Worlds First Feni Cellar In Goa

Sinquerim beach

At this beach, tourists can hire a boat for Dolphin spotting. Rates differ by season, and dolphin spotting tends to get a bit pricey with a bit of a wait for tickets. As tourists cruise into the water and enjoy the exotic views of the shore, their heart filled with excitement to see Dolphins is at peak. The tourist should be patient and silent too, to spot Dolphins in the Arabian Sea. When the silence is maintained suddenly you will see dolphins coming up for air and generally playing it up in the waters of the Arabian Sea. It is recommended to take such trip early in the morning when the living creatures in waters of the Arabian Sea feel quieter. It is advisable not to swim along with the Dolphins as the skin of humped Dolphins are abrasive in nature and may your skin suffer when they come in Contact. Many travel agencies in Goa offers Dolphins Safari for 45-60 minutes in water and offers an enjoyable experience to your entire family.The other beaches in Goa such as Morjim Beach, Candolim Beach Goa, Calangute Beach, and Palolem Beach too offers a good chance to spot Dolphins in Goa. The quietness of the beach makes for a very relaxing atmosphere and add on the charm of Dolphins makes Goa an unparallel destination.

Chilka Lake, Orissa

Chilka Lake is a must visit place in Puri. The main attraction is to watch the dolphins playing and jumping in the lake. In order to spot Dolphins in Chilka Lake, the tourists need to travel some distance from the shore. According to the state officials of Orissa, 450 dolphins have been sighted in the Odisha coast, including 162 in the Chilika lake, indicating a healthy habitat and ample fish availability for the aquatic mammals in the state. Chilika Lake is a biodiversity hotspot and is also home to Irrawaddy Dolphins. Satpada Island is known as a famous dolphin spotting destination.The availability of Dolphins throughout the year is boon for the tourists. The nature camps are available at Habeli Khati in Bhitarakanika and Rajhans Nature Camp in Chilka. The availability of Dolphins is the heavenly experience of nature lovers to catch the glimpse.In addition to Dolphins, tourists can explore other migratory birds such as flamingos and birds too.Three varieties of dolphins -- Irrawaddy, Humpback, and Bottlenose -- inhabit the waterbodies of the state, with most of them having been spotted in the deltaic regions of Bhitaranika and Gahiramatha.The boating at Chilka Lake will give a refreshing experience to the tourist. There is another option to get into the cruise to the nearby island to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. Entry fee is applicable for solo, couples and family group. The entry fee is INR 3500.Read more:-Best places to stay in North Goa

Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary

It is located in Bhagalpur district of Bihar. The sanctuary is a 50 km stretch of the Ganges River from Sultanganj to Kahalgaon. During the monsoon, dolphins go to the tributaries and side channels and return when the water recedes. But in the last two years .when the current dredging activity really started -- the dolphins had not returned. According to the sources can soon take a cruise in a 24-seat motorboat. Due to environmental changes, there is a decrease in the number of Dolphins. The sanctuary is spread across the 50 kilometers stretch of the Ganga river and is the only protected area for the endangered Gangetic Dolphin. The best time to visit for sighting the dolphins here is between the months of June to October. The nearest railway station to reach the place is Bhagalpur. The sanctuary is home to numerous Gangetic dolphins and is a perfect delight for all the wildlife lovers of all ages, especially kids, as one never leaves this place without grasping a lot of knowledge about these wonderful creatures.


The Lakshadweep is popular for its white sandy beaches and greenish blue waters. Aggati Island is on the top list of the tourist to spot Dolphins in Lakshadweep. Bottlenose Dolphins are easily spotted in Aggati Island. Lakshadweep is the perfect haven in India to catch a glimpse of whooshing dolphins. Apart from Dolphin spotting other prime activities will include jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, yachting, parasailing, undersea walking, sea fishing and a lot more. The best time to spot Dolphins in Lakshadweep is from October to May.Read more:-Everything that you need to know about Indias first pod hotel in Mumbai!


In Maharashtra, there are numerous beaches where tourists can spot Dolphins in India. 227 km South of Mumbai, the most ideal destination for Dolphin Spotting is located popularly known as Dapoli. Dapoli is a gateway to several other beaches where tourists can enjoy Dolphin seeing. Murud Beach, Tarkarli Beach, Kuranda Beach, Dabhol Port, and Harihareshwar are some popular hideouts in Maharashtra for Dolphins spectators. These are the offbeat destination in Maharashtra where tourists can relax and enjoy the tranquility with friendly dolphins. The best time to visit these beaches is from November to February. The species of dolphins that can be traced in these beaches are ocean dolphins.Read more:-Top Places To Visit In Maharashtra In Summer


The exotic backwaters and the serene beaches give extra charm with the spotting of Dolphins in Kerala. Cherai Beach in Kerala is a popular destination for Dolphin spotting. The tourists need to cover some km from the shore to get the view of Humpback Dolphins. Tourists hired the boat to sail into the ocean to catch the sights of whooshing dolphins. The pleasant experience of dolphin sighting in Kerala is something that will remain etched in your memories for a long time. The best time to visit Cherai Beach is from November to March.Read more:-Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kerala


Karnataka is another option for dolphin spotting in India. The beaches in Karnataka are also the ideal spots to catch the sights of dolphins popping out of the water every few seconds. Though not all the beaches in Karnataka let you have the dolphin sighting but a number of does. However, the most famous spots for this is Karwar Beach and Gokarna Beach. Humpback Dolphins are spotted in Karnataka. The best time to visit beaches in Karnataka is from October to February.

Sunderban, West Bengal

The mangrove forest of Sunderban is another prime destination to spot Dolphins. One can wonder how a tourist can spot dolphins in mangrove forest? the query has the solution that by a boat cruise safari, traversing the winding and imposing mangrove forests, tourist can reach an open area of the river where friendly dolphins will surprise you with their diving skills. Dolphins can also be spotted in the Hooghly River in Kolkata and Tajpur Beach in Purba Medinipur. The dolphins which are traced in West Bengal are Gangetic Dolphins and Irrawaddy Dolphins. Best time to visit West Bengal for the dolphins spotting is from November to February.


The pristine river Beas and the exotic Harike Wildlife Sanctuary have lately witnessed a rise in the population of dolphins. Indus River Dolphins are rare to capture as compared to Gangetic Dolphins and the region of Punjab is blessed with those in abundance. The species of Indus River Dolphins are traced in Punjab. The best time to spot Dolphins in Punjab is from October to March.


Being the coastal territory the Diu is another popular destination in India to spot Dolphins. Marine Wildlife Sanctuary Indias first marine wildlife sanctuary, offers an amazing variety of marine life which also includes dolphins. The species of Dolphins that can be traced in Diu are Humpback dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, and Common Dolphins. The ideal time to spot dolphins is from November to March.Any location or any time all are ideal for dolphin lovers. So this vacation tries any of the locations to spot dolphins in India.Read more:-Most Expensive Hotels in India To Feel Best Luxurious Experience