Best Places to visit in Ooty for Couples on a Honeymoon Trip

Best Places to visit in Ooty for Couples on a Honeymoon Trip

Hill Stations are known for strengthening the bond between newlyweds, right? One of the best hill stations in India: Ooty, also known as the Queen of the Hills, has always been a hub for couples. So, we have brought you the top places to visit in Ooty for couples so that you and your better half can have a great time.

We have included all the important places where you and your partner can strengthen the newlywed knot and understand each other better. From sparkling beautiful lakes to picturesque waterfalls and tea plantations to mesmerizing views of the peaks; We have included everything that seems perfect for a romantic trip to Ooty for the newlyweds.

Ooty Lake

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Husbands who get together, stay together"? If yes, Lake Ooty is one of the best places to visit. The charming and attractive Lake Ooty is one of the most popular places to visit in Ooty for couples for many good reasons. With the green Nilgiri Mountains surrounding the lake, you will find natural beauty and a serene environment for visitors.

This man-made lake was initially created to take in the breathtaking views of the Nilgiri Hills and enjoy fishing. But now this has become a major couples-friendly attraction in Ooty with many other activities taking place. While visiting here, there are many fun things to enjoy such as biking, boating, staying on the houseboat, and shopping around the lake.

Botanical Garden

While it lists the best honeymoon destinations in Ooty for honeymooners, you can't skip the botanical garden. The place fits into this list because of the unique collection of flowers, ferns, and trees. Not only does it give off positive vibes, but it also makes visitors enjoy a quiet moment while walking or sitting in the park (avoid early in the morning). The entire park spans over 55 acres and is divided into 3 sections. The entire garden is well cared for and decorated with artificial ponds.

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You can take your partner to the botanical garden and take a walk in the garden. More than 600 species of flowers are grown here. This is a nature lover's paradise and there are intense changes that your other half will love being here. So have a nice time here and enjoy the beauty in one of the most romantic places in Ooty.

Emerald Dam And Lake

The only thing Ooty has to offer in abundance is a great view of the ocean. Imagine a place where your eyes feast on magical landscapes, lush forests, plants and more, wherever you look. Being one of the best honeymoon destinations in South India, Ooty has some amazing places like the majestic Emerald Lake and Dam.

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If you visit Ooty on your honeymoon trip during the monsoon, this place will be like paradise. The lake will fill with water and the whole place will come to life. This is one of the best spots in this hill station and there is no denying the fact that the sunsets are absolutely beautiful from the dam.

Pykara Falls And Lake

Bekara is the sacred town of Ooty and has great importance in everyone's hearts. This is a beautiful town with incredible surroundings. Honeymoon couples visiting Ooty often take a sightseeing excursion to this town. The main attractions here are the river, the lake and the waterfall that bears the name of the town. The newlyweds come to enjoy the atmosphere, beauty and serenity of the town. It is also a pristine and relatively less commercial area.

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If you also want to visit an authentic place during your Ooty honeymoon trip, don't miss out on the fun Pykara has to offer. Stroll in the fall, walk along the river, sit by the lake and enjoy the panoramic view on offer with your partner.