Best Rooftop restaurants in Delhi- Ngtraveller

Best Rooftop restaurants in Delhi- Ngtraveller

Whether you're planning your first date, a family reunion, or just hanging out with friends, rooftop restaurants can be the perfect place. Although there are several types of restaurants, those on the roof have a special place in the hearts of many. If you are one of them and if you are or will be in Delhi, we are here with some of the best rooftop restaurants in Delhi, just for you!

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Ardor 2.1, Delhi

Deciding where to host a large family gathering can be a challenging task. You have to make sure that everyone likes where you go and that they get the food they like! If you have encountered such a situation before, we have a solution for you. Ardor 2.1 is it! A gathering of four, ten or fifteen, no matter how large the group is, there is plenty of room here. Even if you plan to meet up with friends, this could be one of the best rooftop restaurants in Delhi to serve this purpose. It offers comfortable indoor seating, but if you asked us, we wouldn't say nothing compares to the beautiful rooftop area.

Now on the menu! The restaurant serves North Indian and continental cuisine. It is also among the best Italian restaurants in Delhi. You can choose from Thukpa Thong, Cream of Chicken, Dahi Bhala Papri Chaat, Tandoori Rani, Spicy Garlic Prawns, Bombay Masala Sandwich, Kadi Paneer Pizza, and the list goes on and on. Soft music is free with these! Here's another good news! If you are a sports fan, you can watch your favorite sports on the live sports show here.

Parikrama- The Revolving Restaurant, Delhi

The 360-degree view of the city from a great height will never fail to appeal to anyone. Take this experience to the next level with a delicious meal at Parikrama. Here, you can satisfy your cravings with the rich and flavorful North Indian food and the Mughlai of Delhi while feting your eyes on the breathtaking view of the city skyline. Exclusivity alert! As the name suggests, the restaurant rotates once every 90 minutes, giving you a view of the entire city from a height of 240 feet. Imagine watching the backgrounds change every minute as you gobble down some delicious dishes. amazing!

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Take your partner to this one of the most exclusive rooftop restaurants in Delhi and prepare for an unforgettable trip. Besides the great view, the soft lights and the subtle colors of the interior decoration make this one of the most romantic restaurants in Delhi, perfect for your date. Speaking of delicacies, take our advice and try the malai kofta paneer, marjah makhani, vegetable skewer, and chicken pappdar. Mouth drops is the word for them! Visit this restaurant as it is the most romantic rooftop restaurant in Delhi.

Lakhori- Haveli Dharampura, Delhi

Here's the perfect description of this rooftop restaurant, where kings meet delicacies! You may have guessed it by now, it's a haveli turned restaurant. Therefore, you can already feel the meals inside the royal palace. It's totally real in this open terrace restaurant in Delhi.

If you are a kebab lover, here you will have unlimited options. Some of our top picks from our kebab menu are Murg Zard Jelavi, Murg Ki Barchi, Mutton Pura, Aguini Fish Tikka. Among the main course options, you can opt for the special dharambura dal, mushroom makhana, lamb rogan josh, and murgh tikka masala. Pair it with naan or dum biryani and get ready to immerse yourself in the rich flavors of India. For entertainment, there will be live music and live performances in the restaurant. In short, a great experience awaits you here!

Limitless Cookhouse and Bar, Delhi

If you are a party animal, this will be the open restaurant in Delhi for you. Plan a weekend getaway with friends and visit this contemporary restaurant. From live music to ambient lighting to live performances, this venue has everything to keep you entertained. Secret tip! Visit the restaurant during the evening hours to see the place full of life and style. Let the breeze take your stress away as you sit back and enjoy the rooftop view. Then enjoy the party atmosphere with some exotic cocktails and pop.

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You must be hungry now! Let us help you make the decision. You can try tandoori fish tikka, chicken tikka pizza, sangria, and shrimp cocktail! Try the chocolate dome if you have a sweet tooth. Also, you can visit this place even after business hours as it stays open until 12:30 am. Perfect for a night owl!

Cafe 27, Delhi

If you like a mix of traditional and modern, you will love visiting this open rooftop cafe in Delhi. A unique cafe in Kailash Colony, this place has everything you love. You will immediately feel the joy as soon as you enter the place where the vibrant decor greets you. Rattan sheds, hanging lanterns, and decorative plants are sure to catch your eye. Click on a bunch of funny pictures with your friends at this restaurant cafe. Don't forget to download and share!

If you are planning to spend a late night, this cafe may be one of the best rooftop spots in Delhi for you as it stays open until 1am. To satisfy your cravings, malai tikka murg, fish and chips, kebab platter, hakka noodles, smoked chicken pizza, and chocolate truffle pudding will be some of the best here. Wait! The attractions don't end here. Live music, live band performance, sports show, full bar, free wifi, smoking area, you name it, the restaurant has it all.

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Whichever rooftop restaurant you choose from this list, we promise you'll have a great time there. Bring your family, friends, or someone special for good company along with good food and a good view!