Best Beers To Drink In India For The Beer Snob In You- Ngtraveller

Best Beers To Drink In India For The Beer Snob In You- Ngtraveller

If there is one thing we have to thank the British for, it is for the introduction of beer in India. Whether Benjamin Franklin says it or not, beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Try to think of something more satisfying than a nice tall glass of a quality sparkling drink on a hot, sunny day, with pizza on the side and a great movie on Netflix. We bet you can't. So, after doing extensive research, we have selected a list of the best beer brands available in India for your snoozy beer.

Kingfisher, Beer,


This well-known and widely available brand of beer is without a doubt the "King of the good old days." Brewed by the United Breweries Group, led by the infamous Vijay Mallya, this is an easy-to-use beer. The taste is initially bitter to the taste buds that still adhere pleasantly to the palate. So the basic sweetness of the malt complements this. The light, refreshing taste is probably why Kingfisher is so popular with beer aficionados and leads the pack despite several decent competitors. Beer goes down on its own, but when paired with salty peanuts, it matches heaven.

Variants: Kingfisher Strong (8% alcohol), Kingfisher Premium (4.8% alcohol), Kingfisher Blue (8% alcohol), Kingfisher Ultra (latest version 5% alcohol)

Tuborg, Beer,


If a strong beer makes you feel high at some point, then Tuborg should be your choice. With an alcohol content of just 4.8%, Tuborg is a low-fermented lager beer. Fermenting it in malt beer results in its smooth, fresh flavor known for its floral aroma. This medium rich and lively drink has a moderate bitter taste. It tastes exceptional when nibbling on sandwiches like salads and spicy Asian dishes, and is perfect for any occasion, be it dinner, prom, or anywhere with your loved ones. In India, Tuborg ranks second among all brands and number 1 when it comes to global brands.

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Variants: Tuborg Strong, Tuborg Green, Tuborg Classic with Malt Scotch (prepared specifically for the Indian palate)

Carlsberg, Beer,


Carlsberg is another mild-flavored beer. Pilsner is airy and unique with a slick backbone, balanced bitterness, and "probably the best beer in the world." This pale yellow lager leaves a slight flaky bitterness on the tongue. High-quality European barley gives Carlsberg an exceptionally rich flavor, making the drinking experience even smoother for those who appreciate the unique taste and variety of great beers. It would be interesting to know that Carlsberg merged with Tuborg Breweries in 1970, making Tuborg part of Carlsberg Brewing.

Variants: Carlsberg Elephant (with body and flavor), Carlsberg Smooth

Budweiser, Beer,


When there weren't many options to choose from, a beer meant grabbing a Budweiser six-pack and voila. And now in the current times when the competition is intense Budweiser continues to lead not only in the US but also in India and it is also one of the best selling beer brands in India ... there is a taste of sweet rice and a hint of bitter hops. With a very mild flavor, this drink is bound to go down your throat as you watch your favorite soccer player run towards the goal or when a ping pong ball finds its way into a glass filled with this pale yellow drink. Budweiser never fails to please.

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Variants: Budweiser Premium (5% alcohol), Budweiser Magnum (6.5% alcohol)

Heineken, Beer,


Unlike other beers, Heineken brews its beer in horizontal tanks for a more distinctive and consistent flavor. One of the most popular beers in the world, Heineken comes straight to your heart from the Netherlands. It's a little stronger than other mass-produced beer drinks and maybe a little better than others. Taste the beer for yourself and you will find this beer even tastier. Why? While the beer is typically brewed for two weeks, Heineken brews its beer to double the time, nearly a month, resulting in a full-flavored beer.

Variants: Heineken Premium Beer, Heneiken Draft

Bira, Beer


Moving on to mainstream beers, Bangalore's Bira 91 is a new kid on the brew mass that is taking the market by storm. He may ask how he differs from Beira from others. Over the years, there have been many changes in beer. Craft beer is one of them. Unlike mass produced beer, craft brewers have demonstrated high quality and sustainable innovation. Craft brewers have created a diverse beer culture around the world, and this is where beer comes in. India is a growing market for beer and Beira has ushered it in perfectly. With the Indians in mind, Bira has a low bitterness flavor with a hint of spicy citrus and a smooth finish. Fresh craft beer all day!

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Variants: Bira Blonde (5% alcohol), Bira White Ale (5% alcohol), Bira Light (4% alcohol), Bira Pale Al (7% alcohol), Bira Strong Ale (latest addition with a spicy flavor (7% alcohol)))