Planning a Trip to Canada? Check out this Travel Guide

Planning a Trip to Canada? Check out this Travel Guide

Canada Travel Guide
image source:Lonely PlanetTraveling enthusiasts around the world have several favorite countries on their list. One of the most common countries in such a travel list is Canada. Very few people know to pin their trips. Perfect planning can only help you make an interesting vacay break. Here is a complete travel guide to your dream country, Canada.
Pre-trip planning
Before you board your plane, here is a list of travel tips you need to remember on your visit to Canada."Size matters" in countries like Canada. Do not under-estimate the size of this massive country by judging its size on the world map. The distances are so long, that you can never be able to finish your complete Canadian trip on a week's trip. So its better to keep yourself restricted to a few places of interest according to your wish. The next thing is that Canada belongs to the Frozen zone part of the world. Be ready to acclimatize yourself to any climate. There is no wonder even if you happen to see a snowstorm or hail during your visit. Pack your clothes accordingly, so that you don't freeze yourself in the frost-biting cold.Prepare your paperwork well in advance. The Canadian ETA or Electronic Travel Authorisation is mandatory for any visitor who wishes to step on Canadian lands. It is better that you finish the requirement of your visit in advance so that you'll have sufficient time for planning and preparation. The last time hustle would only mess things up. When it comes to expenditure Canada belongs to the list of the most expensive countries. If you are looking for a budget trip to Canada, the best way is to do Couchsurfing. This is an amazing website that lets you find a stay place with the people of the local community. You can meet and understand more about the country and also save lots on your trip. Cool, isn't it?Read more:Best Place to visit in Vancouver, Canada
The ultimate Canada Travel guide
Stun yourself @ The Niagara

Niagara Falls image source:Must Do Canada

How can you miss out on the gorgeous Niagara waterfall on your trip to Canada?Not just nature-lovers, any visitor who gets to see the Niagara will watch the waterfall from an amazing 57 meters height. The mist that comes out of the waterfall swirls up the entire area giving it a heavenly appearance. Several viewpoints let you watch the waterfall from proximity. There are boat rides and bird parks at the Niagara. Do not miss these wondrous actions on your visit to Canada.This is the first spot that is worth visiting in all Canada travel guides.Read more:Top 10 biggest and greatest waterfalls of the world!
Rocking through the Rocky

Banff National park, canadaimage source:Happy to Wander

Once you are done with the gushing waters, its time for some hiking and mountain views at the Rocky ranges. The Banff National park and the Rocky Mountains are yet another breath-catching viewpoints in Canada. The snow-capped peaks, the glistening glaciers, and crystal clear water on the lakes will give a tinge even with its mere look. Walk across the series of lakes in the Rocky range to have ecstatic views on the beauty of Canada. You can also enjoy a bit of shopping and nightlife in the Rocky ranges. This is again a place worth visiting on your visit to Canada.
Have you ever seen a Polar bear?

Polar bears in Manitoba, canadaimage

These cute and fluffy creatures are worth the watch on your visit to Canada. The sight of Polar bears has a special place in Canada Travel Guides. Located in Manitoba, this is one of the tourist's most loved places in Canada. The best time to visit here is during the winter that falls during November and December. Watch the bears wait to let the waters on the lake freeze, as they walk on the gleamy frozen floor. This would the best place to see a Polar bear so close. Animal lovers do not miss this wild opportunity to visit the Polar bears of Churchill.Read more:CANADAS INTERNATIONAL HAIR FREEZING CONTEST HAS BEGUN In -22*C Weather
Time for some History
Old montreal, canadaimage source: TripAdvisor
The Old Montreal walk is the best place for any history lover. Lined by old-fashioned buildings and horse lead carriages, this will take you back to the life of the 1900s. Walk down the aisle relishing the past. The Basilica of Notre-Dame is a hotspot if you are visiting the Old-Montreal. You can also have a food tour on the streets of Old Montreal for some mouth-watering wines and snacks for your evening cravings. The prices are usually hiked during vacay seasons. But it is worth the cost of your one-time visit to Canada. The entire streets of Old-Montreal are lined by buildings of Cobble-stones to drag you back in time. Get enchanted with a mere view of these historic worth visiting places on the Canadian Travel Guides.
Best beaches

Beach in Vancouver, canadaimage source: Tourism Vancouver

Canada is a geographically diverse country. When you are done and dusted with mountains, falls and lakes, some beaches drag you away. Vancouver Island is an isolated peace-loving place for any traveler. Situated at a two-hour ferry ride from the mainland of Canada, the beach offers a wide range of adventurous activities that you can engage yourself with. Calm your minds on the beachside resorts and give your adventure side a thrill with some surfing adventures on the Vancouver beach. You can also find hiking trails in the Pacific Rim National park reserve.Read more:Top 10 beaches in the world with the clearest waterYour visit to Canada doesn't just end with this list. There is a seamless number of activities you can enjoy on your trip to this nature-loving country. The other side of this beautiful country is cloud-high skyscrapers and summer parks. The streets of the country will with bustling crowd and shopping zones. As said earlier, a short trip can never fulfill all this, because the time even for traveling is very long. So plan your trip well in advance to enjoy your perfect trip. Canada has numerous dreamy places that you must visit.Happy tripping!