11 countries you can drive in with an Indian Driving License

11 countries you can drive in with an Indian Driving License

We have a list of the destinations where your Indian driving license can be used.

When you're traveling to a different country and exploring the beautiful place you see around you. Also, it'll be a delight if you even get to go on a long drive in that country. It is true that there will be nothing like going on a road trip to a foreign place.

There are a total of 11 countries around the world where your Indian driving license will be valid, from the United States of America to the United Kingdom, and to the Aussie land also. Moreover, these are some of the most popular places in the world and will easily allow you to drive around if you carry an Indian driving license.

  1. Germany (Right lane)

If you are traveling to Germany, they will be accepting the Indian driving license no matter what kind of vehicle you drive whether it is a car or a two-wheeler. We also know that is not mandatory to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP), but still, it has been advised to get it because this document bears the translation which will be of help to the local authorities so that they can scrutinize your credentials. If for some reason, you cannot get an IDP,  then you can a translation of your Indian driving license from any of the German diplomatic missions.

  1. Great Britain (Left Lane) 

The trio of England, Scotland and Wales will be allowing the Indian tourists to drive for a duration of one year on its roads, as long as you have a valid Indian Driving license. The only drawback will be that you will be allowed to drive only those classes of vehicles that have been mentioned in your license.

  1. Australia (Left Lane) 

You can drive around in any part of Australia if you have a valid Indian driving license however, the Northern Territory of Australia debars the Indian tourists from driving. You can get a driving permit on a valid license, but the reservation for that would be that you get to drive only in those classes of vehicles that have been mentioned in the license.

  1. New Zealand (Left Lane) 

If you have an Indian driving license then you will easily get permission to drive in New Zealand for a period of twelve months. This will happen in case your license is in English. But if your license is not in English, then try first have to go to an approved translator who will translate it for you after which you will need to get it stamped by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

  1. Switzerland (Right Lane)

If you dream of exploring the beautiful country of Switzerland, you have an opportunity to do that by going on a drive around the country by yourself. The Indian driving license is valid in Switzerland for a year especially the beautiful Swiss Alps.

  1. South Africa (Left Lane) 

You can explore the beautiful towns and countryside places in South Africa by driving around yourself if you have an Indian license. It is important to make sure that your license is valid and has been printed in English. It should have your photograph and signature as well. Make sure that you carry an IDP with you as most of the car rental companies will be asking you for this permit before they rent you the vehicle.

  1. Sweden (Right Lane)

If you are visiting Sweden, and are not carrying your driving license translated in either English, German, French, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian then you should have a translated version with you in any of the given languages. You also need to carry a photograph or an authorized ID proof that has a picture of you on it.

  1. Singapore (Left Lane) 

For a short duration of stay, there is no need to get a separate license for driving in Singapore. But it is important to ensure that you have an issued IDP with you. In case you don't have your license printed in English, then carry a translated one with a valid driving license.

  1. Hong Kong (Left Lane) 

Hong Kong also allows its tourists to drive for a duration of up to one year. Just make sure that you carry your valid driving license or IDP along with you.

  1. Malaysia (Left Lane) 

If your driving license has not been printed in English, then the tourists need to carry a translated license in English or Malay language. This license should be confirmed by the Indian embassy in Malaysia or the issuing authority. An IDP would also work.

  1. USA (Right Lane) 

Firstly, you are required to find out the right information about using a driving license from the motor vehicle department of the state that you will be traveling to. Some of the states in the US will ask for an IDP and a driving license. You need to Contact your RTO to get an IDP.

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