Explain the Magical Narkanda In Shimla

Explain the Magical Narkanda In Shimla

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In the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Narkanda is located in Shimla district. Narkanda is known for picturesque ambiance and enthralling adventures. The town of Narkanda is located 65 Kms far from the Shimla district. This beautiful Nagar Panchayat of Narkanda is bordered by the Himalayan Range. In the weather of winters, Narkanda can become a skiing resort where visitors can play some amazing winter sports. When you want to go to Shimla from Rampur then Narkanda is located on the middle path. Due to the pleasant weather during the year, Narkanda can become a must-see traveling destination when you are visiting Shimla or Himachal Pradesh. If Narkanda is a place that you have never seen before we will provide you a list of attractions in the town.

Amazing places you should explore in Narkanda

If you are fond of visiting and exploring hill stations then this special place will definitely come in your bucket list.
Tannu Jubbar Lake

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If you are seeking out for some special picnic spots in Narkanda then you must visit the Tannu Jubbar Lake at least once. The mesmerizing beauty of this Lake is hard to define in the words. With the mountain watching over, you can spend quality time here at Tannu Jubbar Lake around the glorious natural scenes and trees. When you want to visit Narkanda in Shimla then this can be the first place where you can relish your time.
Explore nature by visiting Hatu Peak
The highest peak of the entire Shimla District Hatu Peak is yet another special place where you should visit while traveling to the Narkanda. This peak is bordered by some magnificent mountains and you can capture thousands of unbelievable pictures with your loved ones. For some nature lovers, Hatu Peak is a paradise on the earth. For many people, this is the best hill station in the world where they find nature way closer.Also read:-10 days in Himachal Pradesh Itinerary
The apple orchards: Stokes Farm
The entire area of Stokes Farm is widely popular for some enthralling apple orchards. A man called Satyanand Stokes transported the agriculture of apple to Narkanda at the place which is now known as Stokes Farm. When you are looking for a visit to a hill station then Narkanda will definitely become your first choice. After visiting stokes Farm, you may find the grandsons of Satyanand Stokes who will definitely tell you more about this special place. Your visit with the grandson of Satyanand Stokes can help you to collect more information about every place.
The mountain peak of Narkanda
When you are visiting Narkanda in Shimla the Narkanda peak can become yet another exceptional place value should visit without asking anyone else. Whether you want to capture some memorable photograph with your loved ones or you want to touch be nature this Narkanda peak can give you amazing vistas.
Hatu Temple

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Hatu the Hindu temple will definitely become a place value should visit to explore the picturesque devout environment. Your search for a visit to a hill station can take you back at this special Temple. This is an amazing Hilltop temple with sweeping views. If you are among the people who want to explore and visit from Hilltop temples then this Temple can become a favorite spot to visit. For a long period of time, of visitors get amazing environment here and really spend some quality time at this Hilltop Temple.Also read:-Best Hill Station Cafes In India
The Narkanda Temple
After exploring the Narkanda peak and the hilltop Temple now, you should visit in Narkanda Temple. This is yet another temple which is widely popular for its attractiveness. You can say that Narkanda is the best hill station in the world without any doubt.
Snow drive at Narkanda
Whether you want to visit Narkanda right now or after a few days, you should never miss an opportunity to drive on the snow places of Narkanda. Snow drive at Narkanda is yet another exceptional thing that the visitors explore to get some fun and amusement.These are some of the most mesmerizing and beautiful places of Narkanda where we should visit during your trip. It does not matter which month you have chosen for visiting Narkanda but you will always get pleasing and comfortable weather. For more information about Narkanda and the top places to visit, you can explore some other similar online platforms without having any second thought.Also read:-Unravel the breathtaking beauty of Pahalgam Kashmir