Fun Castle water park in Ranchi: All the things you should know before your visit

Fun Castle water park in Ranchi: All the things you should know before your visit

Due to the fact that its natural beauty has not yet been fully appreciated, Ranchi, the state capital of Jharkhand, surprises the majority of tourists. This city has a feeling that is both comforting to the heart and extremely appealing because of its straightforward way of life and concentration on protecting ecological integrity.

The city is a terrific place to visit because it is bordered by numerous waterfalls, temples, and stunning panoramas. To make planning your trip easier, we've posted an extensive reference to Ranchi's best tourist attractions.

Fun Castle water park in Ranchi is the sole and most well-known theme park in the city. This lovely water park in Ranchi was created as a destination for tourists as it is well known, and an ideal location to spend a day over here. All organizations, including schools and colleges, declared summer vacations off in the months of June and July. During this holiday vacation, many people intend to travel throughout India and have a good time. There are many tourist attractions in Ranchi where you may spend time in nature. This article provides complete information about Fun Castle Water Park in Ranchi, including entry fees, entry times, etc.

Water Park in Ranchi

Fun Castle Water Park In Ranchi: Overview

Fun Castle Water Park is the best spot to have fun if you want to escape monotony and take some time away from your routine. It is a well-known tourist destination that is situated 15 kilometers from Ranchi's center. There are rides for people of every age. Anyone is welcome to play at Fun Castle Water Park for a quick visit.

Fun Castle Water Park in Ranchi offers numerous amenities for visitors, including a playground, exhilarating water, and water draughting. If you are planning to visit Ranchi City, you must spend some time and have fun at Fun Castle Water Park. 

The Opening and Closing Time of Water Park in Ranchi 

The park opens to the public at 9 AM and closes at 7 PM each day.

What is the ideal time to spend in this Water Park?

The ideal time needed is Three hours and if you want to spend more time you can enjoy your day

Entry Cost of the Water Park in Ranchi?

Entry fees of per person, per ride is Rs 15 to 100 

Entry fees of each ride costs Rs. 220 per person.

Entry fees of each ride costs Rs. 100 for children.

Ranchi Water Slides

Why is Fun Castle Water Park in Ranchi Well-Known?

1) Fun Castle Water Park is renowned for having a wide range of rides for guests of all ages.

2) Children can spend some quality time in the part designated for them.

3) The Fun Castle Water Park also has a restaurant with budget friendly fare.

4) The Palace of Ratu is easily accessible and is located near the water park.

What is the best time to visit this Water Park in Ranchi?

The best time to visit is every day. All visitors are welcome to visit from 2 pm to 8 pm. Picnics to this location are organized by many educational institutes in Ranchi. Visitors must pay a small entrance fee and additional fees for many rides.

Ranchi Junction Railway Station is the closest train station.

Birsa Munda Airport is the closest airport.

Location of Fun Castle Water Park in Ranchi

The Fun Castle water park is situated on Ratu Road Banhora in Ranchi. To go to Fun Castle Water Park Ranchi, you can use a bus or an automobile. Here is Fun Castle Water Park Ranchi's full address.

Banhora, Jharkhand -835222, Ratu Road, Fun Castle Water Park.

The cost of admission to Fun Castle Water Park.

Per person, per ride: 15 to 100 rupees

Each ride costs Rs. 220 per person.

Each ride costs Rs. 100 for children.


There are many options for getting to the city Ranchi

By Air: The major part of the city is around seven kilometers from the Ranchi airport, which is close to Hinoo. Aircraft connections between Ranchi and Patna, Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai are regular. Kolkata is home to the closest international airport, which provides connections to numerous locations throughout India and other nations.

By Train: The closest station is Hatia. Excellent links to all of India's main cities are available from the Ranchi railhead.

By Road: From Ranchi, there are several cities in both Jharkhand and Bihar that are easily accessible via State Road Transport Corporation buses. Private tourist buses are another option for transportation from Kolkata to Ranchi.

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