Get ready for a space flying experience with the Zero-Gravity Flights

Get ready for a space flying experience with the Zero-Gravity Flights

Have you ever had an experience of flying into space, where there is no such thing as gravity and you are just floating there like an astronaut? Well, now it is not just an imagination that we have the zero-gravity flights for you. These flights will be soon open for travelers and will take them on a 12-city tour in the United States. This adventurous new experience is known as Zero-G.

For all the adventure lovers out there, the Zero-G will be taking the tourists on the only certified plane in the United States that can carry on zero-gravity flights. This type of experience can only be availed by anyone on the International Space Station.

The flight schedule of Zero-G for this year has already been released. This flight will be taking all the travelers on a trip to the 12 major cities of the United States. These include Atlanta, Austin, Texas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New England, New York, Orlando, Florida, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

To offer this experience, a Boeing 727 is being modified and has been named as G-Force One. The Travellers will be made to wear flight suits through which they will experience 15 periods of weightlessness. Once the travelers are inside the cabins of these zero-gravity flights, they can fly just like a Superman. You will be free to try some acrobatic flips and enjoy to the best level. The flight passengers will be accompanied by the astronaut Jean-François Clervoy. They can take part in various onboard activities. Also, these flights make unique and eye-catching corporate communication tools as well.

Air Zero-G by Novespace is the only zero-g operator in the whole of Europe that has an experience of 30 years in organizing the gravity-free flights.

The working of the zero-gravity flights

The working of these flights is based mostly on scientific as well as technical aspects. To achieve this zero gravity, the pilot who is inside will be performing an acrobatic aerial maneuver known as the parabola.

The departure will begin in Las Vegas from the McCarran International Airport. It will be flying above uninhabited Arizona, at which point the pilot is required to maintain the plane at an altitude of 24000 ft. When the plane reaches 32000 ft, it will push over the peak of the parabola. This is the time when the travelers onboard will be feeling like they are in outer space and will float for around 30 seconds.

The company, Novespace will be offering flights that will let their guests experience something similar to zero gravity. Mr. Matt Gohd, the CEO of ZERO-G, said in a statement, "We are really excited to introduce this incredible experience for the flyers who would want a taste of an incredible outer space adventure." He added, "Whether you’re floating through the cabinet of the plane like a Superman or just flipping around like a gymnast, it is something our guests would not forget."

According to ZERO-G, the aircraft will have padded floors and walls and the Flyers can explore the length of the cabin and could even watch the water droplets hover in the air.

ZERO-G has taken out their schedule and will be coming to Las Vegas on 8th February, 25th April, 15th August, and 31st October.

Even thinking about such an experience, the first thing that would come to anyone's mind would be the kind of money it would cost. The price will be varying. For a single seat on the zero-gravity flight, the passenger would need to pay $5400 (INR 3,85,578) and a tax of 5 percent. In the package of a single-seat, the traveler will get breakfast, lunch, flight training, 15 periods of weightlessness, a flight suit as well as professional pictures of the whole experience. The passenger also gets about seven to eight minutes of a zero-gravity experience. Each Zero-G flight will have a capacity of 34 seats whereas a chartered flight will have seats for 12 people.

For more information about these zero-gravity flights, check out their website here:

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image source- travel+leisure, Washington post