Hawaii drops its booster shot for fully vaccinated tourists

Hawaii drops its booster shot for fully vaccinated tourists

In a recent travel update, Hawaii eliminated the requirement for vaccinated travelers to take booster shots to travel as part of its safety travel plan. In a statement issued here on Tuesday, the state governor said,

An official statement released by Iga said: "In this decision, we consider the number of cases of covid 19 in Hawaii, the United States and Europe to be reduced. Hospitalizations have also decreased. And Communities are protected.

A few weeks ago, the governor changed the definition of a "complete vaccine" to include booster shots and introduced a safe travel plan in October 2020. The scheme allows fully vaccinated domestic travelers to show evidence and leave them alone. prior negative test.

The island of Maui was also left for self-defense. To enter any restaurant or pub in Maui and Honolulu, travelers must show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

The Hawaii Department of Health is developing standards and conditions that will allow the state to finalize a safe travel air program. Lieutenant Governor Josh Green said Hawaii expects the project to be completed by spring. He said he learned something about the coronavirus, which can sometimes hurt the curve.

The Safe Travel plan was canceled after vaccination rates in Hawaii reached 70%.

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