Valentine's Day Guide for Couples in Goa | Ngtraveller

Valentine's Day Guide for Couples in Goa | Ngtraveller

Here are the best tips and places for all couples who want to visit in goa this valentine's day. Go Goa and do these all activities with your lifepartner.


Couple Vacation

The dream of Valentine's Day has come true in Goa. If you have time and opportunity, go to Goa holding the hand of your loved one. Because there is no such thing as a romantic. However, don't sit on the beach and drink too much beer. Make it a holiday to remember.

chapel monsoon

Find Old Goa.

Old Goa is a treasure trove of beauty and a heritage site that has to offer you the old times. Wandering through the old, cobbled streets lined with beautiful old bungalows is sure to have a romantic charm. Take a tour of the old church and indulge in authentic Goan cuisine at one of its dinners to round out your day.

forest in goa

Take a trip to the forest.

For the brave couple, this Valentine's Della is a must-visit trek in the jungles of Goa. Trekking in the jungles of Goa is an experience that you will never forget and it will bring you closer as a couple. Eyebrow Falls Track is an amazing track. Next is the Mahadev Wildlife Sanctuary, which has a waterfall and more hidden.

rent boat in goa

Rent a boat and Go

Make this Valentine's Day even more romantic. Hire a boat and go out for sunset with your loved ones. A variety of boat rental services are available. There are certainly hits of private luxury yachts that can take you to the beach. Perfect for catering services, these boats will make your Valentine's Day special and memorable.

dolphins in goa

See Dolphins in their Natural habitat

A unique experience for only a few places, watching dolphins in their natural habitat in Goa is a great experience. Although dolphins are more likely to be seen between May and October, you can try them in February. There are select places like Agonda and Palolam where dolphin spotting services are available.

rent bike in goa

Take a bike ride to Goa.

What could be better than a trip to Goa? Ask on a bicycle. An intimate experience for couples, takes you long and wide, south to north or even larger areas to ask for. You can go everywhere and see interesting things and naturally go to Goa. It is an exciting and exciting activity for couples who want to separate.

scuba diving in goa

Do Scuba diving

You are in Goa, there is water everywhere, so what do you do? Of course, you can swim, but you can also try something new, like scuba diving. If you've never shot one, you owe it to yourself to try it. Your fears, worries and feelings all come together to create an interesting and memorable experience. Some of the best places in Goa are Malvan Island, Grand Island and Baga Beach.

dinner under stars goa

Dinner under the Stars

There is nothing to eat under the stars in Goa. The best way to end the day in Goa is by enjoying an el fresco dinner. There are many options for this, but you can never go wrong at places like Taj Vioneta, Fort Aguada, where a four-course meal is a death cure. Mustard Cafe is another beautiful place where you can dine in the shade of the trees. For a beach vacation, head to Tulum.

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