Himachal Pradesh update travel guideline make e-passes mandatory

Himachal Pradesh update travel guideline make e-passes mandatory

A few days ago, the Himachal Pradesh government announced that RT-PCR would no longer be required to enter the hill station. Shortly after the announcement, thousands of cars lined the road, causing a massive traffic jam and paralyzing traffic on Sunday.

Himachal Pradesh travel guidelines. The state government has reportedly issued a travel warning for tourists, as well as making electronic COVID-19 passes mandatory to enter the hill station.

Delving into the guidelines, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jay Ram Thakur stated that although the state government has removed the negative RT-PCR report, this does not mean that visitors can violate the COVID-19 guidelines. He added that those visiting the state must register for the COVID e-pass program, so they can be monitored.

Himachal Pradesh travel guidelines

In addition, he added, applicants for the card will have to enter all their data into the online system, along with their access details, which will then be shared with all interested parties.

Shimla Police Superintendent Mohit Chawla added that at least 5,000 vehicles entered Shimla from the Shawqi Checkpoint, when the RT-PCR rule was abolished. He added that they expect an increase in tourist traffic over the weekend and that they should ensure that visitors follow COVID protocols.

He also reported that police reserves have been deployed across the region to manage the influx of tourist cars. Patrols will direct tourists and make efforts to ensure visitors follow COVID protocols.

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