Jibhi Himachal Pradesh | Jibhi travel guide

Jibhi Himachal Pradesh | Jibhi travel guide


Jibhi is located in Banjar Valley, on a popular route that connects Manali to Shimla. In recent years Jibhi has attracted so many tourists around the year. Jibhi and its neighboring villages is a paradise after Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Being a part of Banjar Valley, it is a hill station with, mainly homestays, few guest houses which are run by families themselves. This place is a beautiful retreat from the big city life into a natural ambiance with picturesque views. So if this vacation you want to get lost in nature and feel enjoy the tranquility amidst of nature, then head towards Jibhi, the offbeat, unparallel destination of Himachal Pradesh. Jibhi is a scenic, unpretentious and old Himalayan village settled on the banks of the gurgling Tirthan river which is a tributary of Beas river. Jibhi is one such hidden place which is lesser known to the outer world. As this city is not so commercialized so this travel guide will give you an overview of the place and basic necessary information. This will be a helpful guide to plan your tour to Jibhi.Read more:-Mahabaleshwar Travel Guide

How to reach Jibhi

Like other hill stations, Jibhi too offers lots of options to reach over there. Due to lack of commercialization Jibhi does not have direct connectivity with the flight and train.
By Bus
Jibhi Bus Stand is a local bus stop with limited bus frequency. So if you want to travel by bus, then opt for the nearest major bus station. The nearest bus stand is Rampur Bushahr Bus Stand which offers the number of buses to other cities.Another option is to take local buses for Aut tunnel or Aut village from Manali. There are hourly buses starting from Aug Village. It takes 1 hour to reach from Aut village to Banjar and costs 35 INR. From Banjar, there are also a few buses towards Jibhi and neighboring villages. The journey takes around 1 hour and costs 20 INR.If you travel by local bus from Manali to Jibhi it takes overall 6 hours to reach and costs 160 INR.
Driving from nearest towns/cities
In order to reach Jibhi, tourists can drive from Manali to Jibhi. The distance between Manali to Jibhi is 100 km and it takes 3 hours by road to reach Jibhi.Tourists may drive from Shimla to Jibhi too. The distance between Shimla to Jibhi is 164 km only and it takes 6 hours by road.Some tourists may prefer driving from Delhi to Jibhi, it takes 11 hours as the distance between Delhi to Jibhi is 492 km.Read more:-Neelkanth Mahadev Trek
By Train
If you love to travel by train, then the nearest major railway station is Chandigarh Railway Station (CDG). From there you have to take a taxi to reach Jibhi.You can also prefer a local train station nearby, that is Shimla Railway Station (SML). The Shimla Railway station offers limited train connectivity.
Reaching by Air
Airways can also be an option to travel to Jibhi. But you have to opt for the nearest airport and when you arrive at the nearest airport, book a taxi to reach Jibhi. Chandigarh Airport is the nearest international airport. Another option is Bhuntar Airport (KUU) but it is a small airport with limited flight connectivity. Bhuntar airport is 60 km from Jibhi located in Kullu district.

Best time to visit Jibhi

The peak season of tourism in Jibhi is from March to May. The best time to escape prevailing summer season in other parts of India. The weather during these months is pleasant during day times and chilly during the night. So weather-wise one can opt between March to May. Monsoon lovers can go from June to September to enjoy a hot cup of tea with rainy green mountains and breathing fresh chilly air. Jibhi in Autumn opens to you a warm color scheme and sunny fresh mornings. If you love to experience autumn colors then visit Jibhi in October-beginning of November. Winter spectators can enjoy morning frost and snowfall from December to February in Jibhi. Winters are a special experience in the Himalayas.Read more:-Khabru Waterfall highest waterfall in Himachal

Accommodation in Jibhi

The accommodation in Jibhi has limited choices. As due to non-commercialization of this beautiful destination, there are homestays and guest houses operated by families themselves. There are plenty of homestays and guesthouses with a common price 500-700 INR. If you want to have cheaper accommodation, then at some facilities the visitors need to compromise and for proper retreat, the luxury options are also available. The mid range options of accommodation in Jibhi will include 1000 INR + budget. If you can compromise the location, then INR 500 rooms are also available. The options of accommodation will include Jibhi Inn (they charge less for accommodation, but more for food) and Shivang Guesthouse uphill walk from the river. The town has some very famous Victorian pinewood cottages for the tourists, the foreigners from UK, Belgium, Israel and much more can be seen here roaming the streets or drinking Chai on the stalls. These cozy Victorian-style cottages and tree houses are add on bonus in Jibhi.Read more:-Travel Unplugged: See Himachal From The Raw Soil

Where to Eat in Jibhi

There are plenty of eating spots in Jibhi, but most of them are either part of homestays or guests house only. If you want to enjoy authentic local food then you can request your guest house owner. The most delighted local food is Siddhu. Siddhu is a stuffed bread, native to Himachal and popular in the northern and eastern Himachal region. It tastes best when served with homemade ghee or clarified butter, dal or lentil soup and green chutney. Next dish which a nonvegetarian tourist can try is Jungli Chicken or Forest Fowl. Travelers are recommended to eat an only a small portion of this dish as it is a little hard to digest. Hari om Caf is famous for its lip-smacking dishes prepared with fresh products found in Jibhi. Mothers caf serves different varieties of pakoras with a hot cup of tea, another option is Jibhi Delight Caf. Jibhi Delight Caf serves best a simple meal of hot rice and vegetables that is a favorite amongst the travelers. The caf with all its neon lights and funny wall hangings is a must visit. Jibhi has the number of tea stalls which serves all varieties of tea. A hill station without tea stalls is beyond imagination.Read more;-Travel guide for Spiti valley

Ecotourism at Jibhi

Jibhi is an emerging center for eco-tourism. In 2014, Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), was declared the World Heritage Site and since then tourists started traveling to Jibhi. Though many home-stays have mushroomed in the village, most of the residents are taking special steps to have green operations only. Jibhis travel ecosystem is not escalated so much so, the residents cant hope for a better economy which is directly dependent on tourism. The only way to balance both is sustainable tourism, ecotourism or adoption of green practices, causing minimal harm to this ecologically sensitive area.Jibhi is very famous for its natural beauty and dense pine trees. This valley is situated at an altitude of about 8,000 feet above sea level. It is a very quiet and new place for all travelers. It is a great place to visit with the family. This valley is also perfect for small adventure activities like paragliding, river crossing, Angling, rappelling, and Trekking. Jibhi is untouched by industrialization and surrounded by nature. So this vacation travel to this offbeat, less explored a less polluted hidden destination in Himachal.

Top tourists attractions in Jibhi

Jalori pass and Sarehul lake
Jalori pass is located at the altitude of 3120 meters, but it is not the among high passes Of Himachal Pradesh. It connects Shimla to Manali via Banjar Valley. This pass is open throughout the year as it does not witness heavy snowfall. Jalori Pass is situated at a distance of 12 km from Jibhi. The green pine and rocky hills give a heavenly feeling. Once the travelers reach the highest point, they feel free from worries, relaxed and enjoy the tranquility.Sarehul Lake is located at 6kms from Jalori Pass. The temple adjacent to the pass is very famous among locals and the pilgrims circle around the lake and pour Pure Desi Ghee on its periphery. The beautiful trek is largely flat with some steep patches in between and it can be easily trekked by a beginner. The breathtaking the view of the Jalori pass and Sarehul lake praised by each visitor. The travelers pitch in their tents around the lake for overnight stay and camping. The food and accommodation are available at Sarehul Lake.
Jibhi Waterfalls
This Jibhi waterfall is hidden inside the forest, so its not easy to see the waterfall, unless and until travelers enter the dense forest. The flowing of water seems like music and the whole place is enchanting. The wooden bridges are built near the waterfall that gives the travelers a picturesque view. So you can sit nearby and enjoy nature. Jibhi waterfall is located 1 km away from Jibhi.
Chaini Fort Trek and Shringa Rishi Temple
Chaini (also Chehni) Kothi is a huge tower-like structure located in Chaini village. The chaini fort is built in Pahadi style architecture. The fort has a secret tunnel built underground and travelers can walk through the tunnel. The fort is converted into a temple of Lord Krishna. The travelers can visit the pious place and seek blessings.Shringa Rishi Temple is located at a mere distance of 500 meters. The temple is surrounded by lush green trees and blooming flowers. Many of the travelers visit this temple and seek divine blessings. As the temple is located at an elevation, so one can have a birds eye view of the whole place.

Things to do in and around Jibhi

The hiking - the rocky terrain of this place gives an option of hiking to the tourists. Hiking is the best way to explore Jibhi. Hiking in this beautiful place is mesmerizing as the place is filled with dense forest and the place relives stress and gives mental peace.Camping - the endless green fields in Jibhi is a perfect place for camping amidst of nature. Light a bonfire and enjoy the night under the stars, feel connected to the celestial bodies and mother nature too.Fishing - Fishing is enjoyed by every traveler in Jibhi. The freshwater lake in Jibhi is the perfect home for all colorful fishes. For fishing, the travelers need to seek permission from the Fisheries officer in Nagini village.Bird Watching - the dense forest of Jibhi is a shelter home to different species of birds. Travelers can trace some migratory birds and they can hear the chirping too.The dense pine forests, tranquil freshwater lakes, and pristine temples make this place worth visiting. You will be spellbound after visiting this place and would not want to leave it. Breathing fresh air and listening to the chirping of birds is really an unforgettable experience.Read more:-Top Paragliding Destinations In India