Khabru Waterfall - highest waterfall in Himachal

Khabru Waterfall - highest waterfall in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh

Winter is just about to bid you adieu. In this mellow weather, why not plan for some exciting trip! Well, one of the richest hotspots that can be visited during the end of winter is Himachal Pradesh. If you are one of those travelers who seek solace, nothing can be a better retreat than Himachal Pradesh.So, pack your bags, take enough warm clothes and start a journey toward Himachal Pradesh!The breathtaking natural beauty of the Himachal is worth noticing. The Dharamshala there are sure to make you droop down and bend to surrender to God. How can you miss out the Khabru Waterfall the highest waterfall in Himachal Pradesh! Lets take a quick look at the magnificence of Khabru Waterfall in details.

The Khabru Waterfall

When you are at the lap of Boh Valley, you can never miss out the Khabru Waterfall. The waterfall is nestled in between the dense forest and amid the lush green hills. Being located at the Kangra district, the Khabru Waterfall is like something out of a fairy tale. From the regular hustle-bustle of the heavy traffic, Khabru Waterfall is a real solace.If you walk or trek from the Boh Village to the Khabru Waterfall, it will take you six kilometers. Once you have reached the top of the waterfall, you will notice the gradual change that nature has been going through. Youngsters are very enthusiastic about trekking in the Khabru Waterfalls. The mesmerizing water ripples and flows from a height of almost 50 feet.The waterfall is surrounded by rich and dense flora and fauna. It can be a wonderful place for biodiversity reserve. However, not many know about the Khabru Waterfall and the mystic beauty that this place carries. The natural flowing spring water is in abundance running down the valley. On one side, there is the natural chilly water of the Khabru Waterfall and the other side is filled with the greenery of the valley.The villagers of the Boh village mostly depend on agriculture as there is no shortage of water there. The area has good transport connection. Also, road connectivity is pretty sound. However, it is recommended that you avoid visiting Boh village and the Khabru Waterfall during the monsoons because of heavy landslides.Also read:-Neelkanth Mahadev Trek

Other places to visit in Himachal

Well, the reason for visiting Himachal Pradesh is not just the Khabru Waterfall. The list is huge. Why not take a look at the places to visit in Himachal Pradesh!Himachal means the land of snow. Therefore, you can expect to play in the snowfall there. What more? Well, to know more about the places for Himachal Pradesh sightseeing, take a quick look at the places that you ought to visit in Himachal:
This is one place that is frequently visited by all tourists. Often heard jointly with Manali, Kullu is located on the banks of the river Beas. Previously, the place was known as Kulanthpitha which means the end of the habitable world. Also, Kullu is known as the Valley of Gods.If you want to reach this destination by air, the nearest airport to it is the Kullu-Manali airport. By road, it will take you nearly ten hours from Delhi. You can also book a tourist bus or travel by private cabs.
Manali is located at an altitude of 6726 feet. So, you can already speculate about the view of the snow-capped mountains that you are about to get. The place will not just provide pleasure to your eyes, but also give you some fitness goals. If you want you can go trekking on the hills of Manali.The nearest rail station to reach Manali is the Joginder Nagar railway station. This is located 95 km away from the main spot. You can also reach by air or road.Also read:-Places To Visit In India Before You Turn 30
There is not a soul on earth who has not heard about the enchanting beauty of Shimla. In fact, right from the colonial influence, the British used to declare this place as their summer capital. If you do not mind the below zero-degree temperature of Shimla in winter, you will definitely have lots and lots of fun there. It is mainly famous for the hill stations, the, and British colonial architecture.You can reach Shimla in all three ways air, road, and rail. The Shimla Railway Station is just a kilometer away from the main spot. The airport nearby has connectivity to all the important cities around.
Chamba is a place of absolute spectacular beauty. Keeping half a day for visiting Chamba is enough. The nearby places of Chamba are Dalhousie and Khajjiar. Being located on the banks of river Ravi, the place is at an altitude above 900 meters. Nothing can be a better holiday retreat than Chamba!The temples and pilgrimages of Chamba make it the ideal Himachal Pradesh attraction. The major locations to take a tour at Chamba are the Lakshmi and Narayan temple and the Bani Mata temple.
Looking at Dharamshala from a distance is sure to soothe your eyes. It is located at the center with snow-clad mountains guarding it against three sides and a valley on one side. If possible, you can make a one-night stay in the Dharamshala. The fir and pine trees on the mountains make the place aesthetically beautiful.The Tibetan refugees residing in this Dharamshala automatically bring holiness to the place. From here, you can get a glimpse of Tibet too. The major attraction of the Dharamshala is basically the monasteriesAlso read:- Best Places To Visit In Shimla & Around December.
Dalhousie is famous for the valleys, the lush green meadows, and the hill stations. The name Dalhousie is retained from the colonial period, after the name of Lord Dalhousie. Not just its name, the ambiance that the place carries is similar to that of the British era. The hill station comprises of five hills altogether. Also, you can find a variety of vegetation in this location like pine, oak, and deodar.


Therefore, it is time that you book tickets for Himachal, stuff your backpack, hoard it in your shoulder, and take a trip to the Himachal Pradesh. When your country can offer you such aesthetic beauty, why not is a witness to it!Also read:-A trek to Kalindikhal pass