Kruger Shalati, a historic train converted into a luxury hotel

Kruger Shalati, a historic train converted into a luxury hotel

Kruger Shalati is what happens when a historic train turns into a luxury hotel. The train on the bridge (read Kruger Shalati) in Kruger is one of the most innovative luxury hotels in the world! The hotel's train is now permanently parked on the famous Selati Bridge, just above the Sabie River.

According to the property's official website, the hotel "honours guests who have explored the park for nearly 100 years while welcoming new explorers from near and far."

The site also claims that the station is a way to celebrate since the first visits to the famous park were allowed in the early 1920s.

A hotel representative told a major travel magazine that when the park was declared a national park in the 1920s, this train was the only way to get here. The train will stop at the bridge overnight as part of the train journey and this is the inspiration behind the concept of the hotel.

The train has 31 rooms, including 24 transport rooms along with seven bridge house rooms. All rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows and bathtubs from which guests can enjoy golden sunsets. Inside the train there are rooms with glass walls, a swimming pool and a balcony.

Please mark this on your wish list for the time we can travel again.

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