Five Hill Stations Near Delhi To Cool Off,Even If Just For The Weekend

Five Hill Stations Near Delhi To Cool Off,Even If Just For The Weekend

For wandering spirits, they just need every reason to pack up and travel. If you've been waiting for a long weekend to kick off, here's some good news. These five hill stations are just a few hours away from Delhi, and one weekend is enough to immerse yourself in its beauty and feel rejuvenated. Below the list of Hill Station near delhi.

1. Lansdowne

A beautiful pool town located in Uttarakhand, the best part about visiting Lansdowne is that it is not touristy. You will not find luxury resorts and hotels, but rather comfortable and quiet places. If you love to hike, you can get out and explore the many amazing viewpoints overlooking the Himalayas, like the famous Tip and Top. Apart from that, you can visit Bhim Pakora, Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple, and Bhulla Taal.

Distance from Delhi: 260 km, takes about 6-7 hours

2. Kasauli

Another city, Kasauli is located in Himachal Pradesh near Shimla. The weather may not be as cool as some of the other hill stations in Himachal, but it is beautiful nonetheless. The old colonial charm is still very evident not only in its architecture, but also in its way of life. Known as a hiker's paradise, you can walk through the small town to explore the various temples, viewpoints, and scenic spots. The famous Mohan Meakin Brewery is located here.

Distance from Delhi: 290 km, takes about 5-6 hours

3. Mussoorie

Atop Dehradun, Mussoorie may be a busy hill station, but if you stay away from Mall Road and instead choose the suburbs to stay, you'll begin to discover its true beauty. A foodie’s paradise, the city is dotted with many interesting restaurants and cafes serving local Himalayan and European cuisine. Chances are, you'll even come across Ruskin Pond, who regularly visits a bookshop on Mall Street. Don't bother visiting the usual tourist spots (besides Camel's Back Rock and Cloud's End). Instead, go on foot and explore the roads less frequently used.

Distance from Delhi: 285 km, takes about 7 hours

4. Naukuchiatal

Due to its proximity to Nainital and Bhimtal, it is mostly left behind when it comes to visiting hill stations. This is exactly why it is a favorite of those who like to avoid crowds. The main attraction here is the lake surrounded by picturesque hills on both sides. In fact, Naukuchiatal translates to "nine-cornered lake" and is a popular picnic spot. For adventure lovers, you can participate in paragliding and parasailing, as well as excursions.

Distance from Delhi: 320 km, takes about 7 hours

5. Nahan

Nahan is located in the Shiwalik Hills in Himachal Pradesh. Places of interest here are Renuka Lake, Paonta Sahib, Trilokpur Temple and Suketi Fossil Park. There is not much to explore in the city and as such, most travelers choose to stay in the suburbs to enjoy the greenery and not be disturbed. It's the perfect place if you want to separate and renew your soul.

Distance from Delhi: 250 km, takes about 4.5 hours

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