More than 109 million Americans are expected to visit this Christmas.

More than 109 million Americans are expected to visit this Christmas.

Despite the visible omicron numbers, the numbers are reaching pre-pandemic levels.

According to AAA, the United States can expect more than 109 million people to visit the country during Christmas and New Year's weeks.
If their predictions come true, 60 million travelers will go to heaven, while another 106 million will travel 80 miles to their destination. About 3 million people are expected to use trains, buses or cruise ships for their travels. Forecast from December 23 to January 2.
america jam
Traffic jam
With more than 27 million Americans traveling by the end of this year, that number has grown exponentially since 2020. While not at the same level, the forecast for 2019 is about 92% of the year before the pandemic.

Airlines in particular will see significant growth, with business increasing by 184% over the same period last year, and now the barrier has eased.
busy airport
Busy airport
In the last two years, the data has cleared several hurdles, which underscore the overwhelming desire of the population. Since the price of gasoline is $1 higher than in the same period last year, there is a financial burden on the vacation-ready driver.

The arrival of the Omicron version may cause some discontent, especially in the aviation industry, as the risk of new cuts could affect their business. There is no new development as of now, which suggests that passengers will have to face a new order before they can start the journey.
New York Christmas
Although the United States has changed its international arrivals, its domestic flights are not currently subject to OCR-based regulations. Currently, any negative COVID test or proof of vaccination is not required upon returning home, but it is recommended. However, masks are required for all types of public transport and airports, train stations, etc.

Concerns have been raised about the new pressure, and many travelers are wondering whether to travel. Medical experts are of the opinion that it is a decision of both personal preference and common sense. Regarding strangers, if a healthy and fully vaccinated person is traveling, people with health conditions may choose to make them more vulnerable to COVID.
christmas tree
Christmas tree at the airport
There will be pressure on countries operating a large number of aircraft. Some airlines want to say thanks and try to fix some broken facilities during the Halloween weekend. Thousands of passengers were stranded at the airport for hours due to staff shortage and bad weather.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker testified before the Senate this week about the use of federal aid, noting that demand for air travel has soared. For the past few months we have been working to manage and take care of our customers and team members as efficiently as possible.

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