The World's Most Romantic Cities

The World's Most Romantic Cities

"Love is a magic That has no logic"

Most people do not believe in Valentines Day, not because they are anti-love but because they believe that love is limitless and boundless. If you are one such person and are planning a romantic getaway with your loved one then we recommend you to visit these Love cities. Rekindle the magic of love-


Also popularly known as the city of water and love, Venice is the most romantic city of the world. Venice has a picturesque landscape and will release you from all your tensions and worries.

Venice is made up of three islands- Lido and Maruo. The best thing about Venice is their unique transportation system. The water bus drive also known as the water taxi service, will navigate you through the pure crystal blue water, making you fall in love with the city as well as your partner.

This lovely city offers you with the loveliest places to visit-the museums, the famous bridge of signs, architecture of buildings, cafes and restaurants.


City of Rome is known as the city of eternal love. With its rich history and incredible geography, you will surely wish to settle down in Rome. Couples, who visit this city gather around ponds, make wishes for their love life and their future.Legend says that if the fetchers find your coin then your wishes will turn true.


Paris -the dream city of a millions- definitely has a charm of its own. The reason behind its fame is its immense beauty and serenity. Eiffel tower, established in 1889, is a 128 year old tower and is considered a symbol of love. Remember Kangana in the movie Queen, this place is loved even by Bollywood.

Moreover the romantic ambience makes Paris the best place to confess your love. Paris is also famous for the Pont des Arts Bridge- where couples put love locks on the bridge with their initials on the locks- this bridge is another symbol of love. Unfortunately this system of pad locks is banned for now.

We hope you are already packing your bags and planning your holidays. Enjoy every day with your loved ones because love knows no bounds of time and space!