7 must-see and must-do things in Melbourne, Australia

7 must-see and must-do things in Melbourne, Australia

Popularly regarded as one of the best cities not just in Australia but all around the world, Melbourne is the capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria. The city of color, culture, and coffee, Melbourne has often been on the list for world's most livable city. This very modern city has still its golden culture intact with a town feel with its focus on the quality, food and the artistic aspects of life. The city is also the home to great architecture which attracts millions of people throughout. Today we have compiled a list of 7 must-see and must-do things in Melbourne that you certainly can't miss on your trip there.


Location: 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria 3006

The Eureka Skydeck is the highest viewing platform in the entire southern atmosphere. It gives you a breath-taking view of the city with its vantage point being the 88th floor of this giant tower. It not only provides you with a 360-degree view of the beautiful Melbourne city but you can also see landmarks like MCG and the picturesque ranges of the Dandenongs that stretch out all long through the distance. Although it is advisable that you keep in mind the weather before taking the visit as rainy weather can cause visibility issues. So, it is best you go there when the skies are absolutely clear. The best views through this tower are generally during sunset and sunrise. It might seem a bit overpriced but the commendable and terrific views it provides is surely worth the money.


Location: Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC

A perfect example of the Gothic architecture. Constructed in 1868 it was initially a place of worship for the members of the Catholic Archdiocese faith. It has a very convenient location that is close to Melbournes central railway station, the shopping districts of Melbourne and the Federation Square and Flinders Street Station. The cathedral is huge and provides you with a sense of spirituality and faith when you visit it away from the pomp and show of the city and also provides you relief from the hot weather of the city. The beautiful interiors that include stained glass windows and ravishingly-crafted wooden pews provide you with perfect pictures inside the cathedral. Religious or not the place provides you with a sense of faith and spirituality.


Location: K Road, Melbourne, Victoria 3030 (30 Minutes South of Melbourne CBD)

Trying to mimic the authentic African savannah, Werribee Open Range Zoo can provide you with a view no one else can. It is located just 30 minutes from the heart of Melbournes city center. This huge zoo covers an area of 225 hectares. The zoo also takes great efforts in providing you with a realistic view and providing enormous variety to the safari animals. Tourists can also walk around the zoo but the most popular way to visit it is the safari-style bus ride through the native habitats of rhinos, giraffes, zebras, hippos, antelopes. The place is a great place to visit not just because of the tremendous zoo quality but also because of free entry to kids below the age of 16. If you are in Melbourne and have a passion for wildlife and animals, this is a must-visit place.


Location: 1 Hour Outside Melbourne, Victora

Highly under appreciated The Dandenong Ranges should be must visit place for those of you in Australia. Surrounded by lush Australian forests these beautiful ranges have walking paths with scenic views to die for. A small 30 45-minute drive from Melbourne is all it takes to get to these glorious ranges. This is surely the hidden gem of Australia not known by many. There are many things you can do at this range like taking a walk that will give you a close-up view of the gigantic Mountain Ash forests, apart from this it provides you with views of waterfalls, has picnic spots and secret historical areas that remain hidden out in the bush which provide a full view of Melbourne. Puffing Billy is the iconic steam engine train ride one must take to truly experience the bliss of this range. The narrow-gauge railway is widely popular in Australia which slithers through the mountainside providing you with picturesque views that will surely make you fall in love with mother nature and Australias natural beauty.


Location: Melbourne CBD, Melbourne, Victoria

Running within the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne, this is completely free train ride that is citys most popular and convenient way to travel from one point to another and see the citys highlights. The major attractions in Melbourne like Melbourne Aquarium, Old Melbourne Gaol, Federation Square and the Immigration Museum are easily accessible by this old, vintage-style looking tram. It runs at an interval of every 12 minutes from both the sides. The hours of this are 10 am and 6 pm Sunday Wednesday with extra hours available of 10 am 9 pm from Thursday till Saturday. An audio commentary is also provided for tourists all along the way so tourists may know the key buildings and history while traveling from one point to other in this tram. It is a great way to travel through the city for FREE!


Location: 180 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria Is truly full of rich culture where tourists can visit to see the pristine testament of human creativity. Situated in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, this is the oldest art gallery which opened in 1861. The gallery has a series of modern lights that make sure every work gets enough light and along with this the gallery also has fascinating exhibitions all year round. The displays here are so creative that it will attract everyone not only the art and culture enthusiasts. the gallery always has something going on and it is mostly FREE which makes the experience even better. It is even regarded as one of the best art galleries of the world.


Location: Yarra Park, Jolimont, Melbourne, Victoria

Popularly known as MCG, you will rarely find anyone native to Australia that does not have even one sporting story attached to this glorious stadium. The place has some great memories attached to it and many famous sports tournaments have taken place here like the 1956 Olympic Games, the first ever cricket Test match, the 2006 Commonwealth Games, the 1992 World Cup and a number of VFL and AFL Grand Finals. There are many tours that even provide you to go behind the scenes of the venue if you want to. You can do things like sit in the coachs box, visit changing rooms and media centers. The stadium is not just for die-hard cricket fans though, the place even manages to attract people all around the world who are not into the game as it also has multiple facilities inside that serve you with food and drinks!

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