Neelkanth Mahadev Trek

Neelkanth Mahadev Trek


The North Indian state in the Himalayas is the Himachal Pradesh. This state is well known for its scenic beauty of the mountains and the Himalaya. When there are mountain and forests, trekking is a very favorite activity over here. Many trekkers find different peak for trekking which is quite adventurous. Among many of the trails, Neelkanth Mahadev Trek is the popular one. It is a quite tough path which any trekkers love to travel. Neelkanth Mahadev Lake is a lake which is at 4200 height. The lake is located in the district of Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh.

Know more about the Neelkanth Mahadev peak

Neelkanth Mahadev peak is a major and highest peak in the Garhwal district region of HP. Various glaciers face this peak which makes it a tough trail for trekking. The peak also has Hindu mythology. Initially, there was no mountain in this region. It was a common route between Kedarnath and Badrinath. The worshipper used to pass through this path to offer the puja to the two temples. But suddenly Lord Shiva got angry with some sins of the worshipper and blocked the way and stood in the huge mountain. And we got the Neelkanth Mahadev peak now.Also read:-Best Places To Visit In Shimla & Around December

Facts about the Neelkanth trekking

Coming to the trekking, the best time to go for the trekking is Mid June to mid of September. The nearest valley is the Tappan valley of Lahaul. The lake is also situated at this place. Neelkanth Mahadev temple is also situated near the lake and is a popular pilgrimage for the Hindus. All around the year, many devotees come to this place for the holy dip in the lake of Neelkanth Mahadev. The water of the lake is believed to be having healing properties of the underwater herbs. Local people sometimes refer to the valley as the Neelkanth Kailash too. Thus this place is having a lot of importance to both the Hindus and the trekker lovers too.One has to start from Manali for the Neelkanth Mahadev trek. Then one has to pass through Keylong, Thirot, Nainghar, Neelkanth Lake. The length of the trek for one side is 15 km. anyone who can survive the moderate level of trekking can opt for this trekking. Total duration is of 4 nights and five days trek. The lake is situated at the height of 4200m or 13, 777 feet high from the sea level. And that is quite a high point to travel.Also read:-Less known places in Himachal

Sample plan for Neelkanth trek for five days

Here is a plan which you can follow for the trekking to be completed within four nights and five days:
  1. Reach Manali and stay the night at Manali. This would help you to pack the bags for the trek.
  2. Next day start very early for the Nainghar. You have passed via the Rohtang pass, Keylog, and Thirot. That night you have to stay at Nainghar.
  3. Thirot is a place which is perfect for base camp. Make tents at this place and set at this place for that night.
  4. Start early in the morning after having breakfast. Start for the lake and the Neelkanth peak. Thirty minutes of stay at the peak is enough. Start to head back to the base camp. It is very important to come back to the base camp within the daylight.
  5. On last day start early and come back to Nainghar from the base camp. From Nainghar you can drive back to Manali and either board the train or stay the night.
Thus the trek is quite adventurous and interesting or those who have trekked small place. This trekking is having a moderate level of hardness and so can be participated by new trekkers too.

Difficult trekking from Shimla

Another such pilgrimage is the Shrikhand Mahadev temple. It is also a peak, Shrikhand Mahadev Peak which is 5227 meters high. It is also a peak which is named after Mahadev. The nearest valley to this peak is the Parvati valley. One can get a breathtaking view of the Himalaya from this Parvati valley. It can be started from two sides- either from the Nirmand site or the Arsu side. A common one is a Nirmand side for the trekking. It is also a trek which is often visited by the pilgrims too to reach the peak.

Facts about the Shrikhand trek

Shrikhand Mahadev trek is a difficult one as the trail is full of steep mountains and rough glaciers. Compared to the previous one, an expert trekker can visit this peak. The duration is also longer- it is a total of 9 days. For this trek, one has to start from Shimla and take a bus to Rampur. It is a distance of 130 km. But after that, the base camp has to be made at Juan Village. It can also be done at the Singhbad too. You can visit this peak during late may and until mid of October. This is the best time of the year for the trekking.Some of the steep rise that you have to do while trekking is the Singhabad to Thachuru, Thachuru to Kunsha, Kunsha to Parvati bag and Parvati baag to Nain Sarovar or the designated peak. Thus overall the trail is a bit tough one, and expert trekkers should take up this path. Otherwise, it is suggested not to try out.Also read:-Valley of Flowers Trek

Get assistance from locals

For assistance from the trekkers, you can contact with any of the local trekkers. They can help you complete the trekker with local help. Even they can provide all the essential things that you may require on the way. Moreover, locals can help you to know the trail in the right way. They can predict the weather condition, the dos and don'ts on the trek. Thus, it is always suggested to take the assistance and have successful trekking done to these two places. Best of luck for your trek to these peaks.Also read:-8 Must-Visit Destinations In Uttarakhand