Nepal's second international airport will be operation from May 26.

Nepal's second international airport will be operation from May 26.

A second international airport will soon be built in Nepal. This was announced by Nepal's Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Prem Ali. According to reports, the name of the new airport will be Gautam Buddha International Airport and it will be operational from Wednesday, May 26. A new airport is under construction in the Berawa region of western Nepal.

After inspecting his airport, the minister said, "From Buddha's birthday on May 26, all international flights can depart and land at Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA).

In the past, any aircraft flying in the skies of Nepal had to divert to Kathmandu due to a technical fault. This is the second airport to be changed. Currently, Nepal has only one Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) for emergency landings.

Emergency landings at the new airport are handled in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. Thus, ships that could not land in Kathmandu due to bad weather would land safely in Byron.

A team of Thai Aeronautical Radio (AeroThai) experts has arrived in Nepal to check whether the new airport is technically sound or not. A team of experts will lift the calibration aircraft and see if the equipment is working.

Airport officials said a team of aeronautical experts was working to open the airport ahead of his birthday on Wednesday. According to the report, the measurement and test flight will be completed in a month.

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