Only 50 passengers allowed per coach, no standing travel: DMRC

Only 50 passengers allowed per coach, no standing travel: DMRC

Delhi Metro said that although trains were allowed to operate with a seating capacity of 100 per cent, only 50 people could be allowed per coach, compared to 300 people before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority has approved orders to scrap the ban in the city, including using 100% of the metro's seating capacity from Monday, up from 50% previously.

While capacity has been increased, social distancing rules must be followed. Entrance to the stations will continue to be subject to regulation, said Anuj Dayal, chief communications officer of the company. “As a result, although queues may decrease a bit, they still stand outside stations, especially during peak hours, due to compliance and adherence to appropriate Covid behavior within metro facilities as per government guidelines,” he said. It is a statement.

 50 passengers allowed per coach

Delhi Metro, by design, prioritizes standing space rather than sitting, unlike some other train lines around the world, especially in European countries.

“Despite the restrictions on the number of passengers, the metro continues to operate at the maximum number of trains, making more than 5,100 trips at the highest available daily frequency during pre-Covid times, when more than 60 lakh trips were made. The statement said.

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