Maharashtra government to launch exciting new Adventure Tourism Policy

Maharashtra government to launch exciting new Adventure Tourism Policy

The Maharashtra government has announced the launch of an exciting new adventure tourism policy that will cover 25 activities, including land, air and water. The Cabinet, chaired by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Udav Thackeray, has approved the policy that will guide adventure tourism. Under the new policy, more than 25 different adventure activities will be covered including paragliding, trekking, water skiing, rafting, biking, rock climbing and diving. Maharashtra government to launch new Adventure

State Tourism Minister Aditya Thackeray said, “With safety prioritized, adventure tourism operators should exercise caution as per the provisions mentioned in the Tourist Safety Policy. Standards will be established for trained and experienced trainers, quality and standard equipment. State level and departmental level committees will be set up. In order to effectively implement the adventure tourism policy. These committees will consist of experts in land, air and water tourism.”

Maharashtra government to launch new Adventure

Adventure is an important part of tourism and travelers have a special interest in these types of activities. The new policy, besides promoting adventure activities, will also deal with the registration, regulation, monitoring, planning, promotion and training of the organizers.

A provisional certificate of registration will be issued by the Directorate of Tourism (DoT) to state adventure tourism organizers. According to the policy, they will also get the final registration certificate after getting all the necessary equipment

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