Perfect Weekend Getaways from Pune for One Day Trip- Ngtraveller

Perfect Weekend Getaways from Pune for One Day Trip- Ngtraveller

Coming to Pune on a business trip and worried that there isn't much to do here except visiting the usual sights and museums or just wandering around your hotel? Well, don't worry, there are plenty of options that you can enjoy on a trip to Pune. One of the best ways to do this is to go on weekends near Pune, where you have many options. On a day trip near Pune, you can get some peace in the hills, blow your mind with adventure sports, relax in the perfect way on the beach and what not ?! The city is close to many natural wonders that are sure to soothe your senses.

Weekend getaways near Pune within 100 km

Sinhagad – 30 km

Sinhagad – 30 km

If you are in Pune with a gang of boys / girls and planning a group outing, Sinhagad is a great option. This hilltop fort, dating back to the Maratha era, gives you a chance to hike and look at the green hills.

Best time to visit Sinhagad as a day trip from Pune: June-March

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Kamshet – 48 km

You can come to this place on a day trip near Pune to enjoy paragliding! There are options to enjoy a flight alongside an experienced pilot or even hone your skills by taking a course.

Best time to visit Kamshet on a day trip from Pune: October-May

pawna Lake, Pune

Pawna Lake – 52 km

One of the perfect overnight picnic spots near Pune, Lake Pawna is a must-see for nature lovers and peace seekers. While camping under the starry sky, you can cook your own food, which will be an unforgettable experience.

Best time to visit Lake Puna as a day trip from Pune: October-May

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Bedse Caves – 56 km 

They may not be as famous as the Ajanta and Ellora Caves, but the Bedse Caves are no less interesting. Come here just before sunrise to see these rocky caves from the 1st century BC. beautifully lit by sunrise. Among Pune's busiest weekends less than 100 kilometers away, it's great for understanding regional history.

Best time to visit Bidsi Caves on a day trip from Pune: October-May

Lavasa, Pune

Lavasa – 60 km 

Among the best places near Pune for a day trip, Lavasa will instantly transport you to Europe with its colorful buildings around an artificial lake, cobbled streets and old street lamps. You can also enjoy trekking, camping, zip-lining, and rappelling in the area.

Best time to visit Lavasa as a day trip from Pune: all year

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Lohagad – 64 km 

Lohagad Castle dates back to before the 17th century and is a popular hiking destination in the region. Along the way, you can enjoy great views of the surrounding greenery, and the pleasant climate here is a feast for the senses.

Best time to visit Lohagad as a day trip from Pune: June-March

Lonavala, Pune

Lonavala – 66 km

Situated in the Western Ghats, Lonavala is one of the perfect weekend getaways from Pune 100km away. It has lush cliffs, raging waterfalls, sparkling pools, and towering overlooks, making it a complete package.

Best time to visit Lonavala as a day trip from Pune: October-May

Andharban – 67 km

This is another place among the many places near Pune where you can go hiking. Walking the 13km trail is pretty easy, taking 4-5 hours to complete. Take long walks during the day for stunning views or at night for more of the excitement.

Best time to visit Andharban as a day trip from Pune: all year