Philippines reopen for fullly vaccinated tourists from 10 feb

Philippines reopen for fullly vaccinated tourists from 10 feb

In an effort to boost tourism, the Philippines government has announced that it will open the country to fully vaccinated travelers from February 10, 2022. The Asian island nation plans to reopen in December, but Omicron has abandoned that plan. The Philippines says travelers from about 150 countries will be allowed to enter the Philippines for tourism purposes, including visa-free entry. However, China, Taiwan or India are not on this list.

Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo-Peyote said: "(They) play a vital role in reviving employment and reopening already closed businesses, especially in tourism-based communities."

The government has said that the demand for insulation will increase for foreign tourists in the Philippines from February 1 and for foreign tourists from February 10. But all of them should be vaccinated and the government should test negative for 19.

The peninsula has about 7,000 spectacular islands, has white sandy beaches and is invaluable for their rich aquatic life. Apparently, the country saw tourist arrivals from Japan, South Korea and China, which dropped by 83% last year due to the pandemic.

President's spokesman Karlo Nograles said the tourism industry is now recovering and will play an important role in the country's employment, livelihood and economic development.

The earthquake affected at least 3.4 million people in the Philippines and killed at least 53,000.

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