Qatar introduces luxury yachts to travelers | Ngtraveller

Qatar introduces luxury yachts to travelers | Ngtraveller

Travelers traveling to Qatar will be happy to know that Qatar Travels is launching a new Super Yachts luxury cruise ship. Emerald Cruises has partnered with Supercar Luxury Travel Company to travel from Doha in January 2023.

Emerald Azura takes seven nights and eight days. Your trip will also include places like Sir Ice Island, Abu Dhabi. Butcher, Oman; Fujairah, United Arab Emirates; Zaki Bay, Oman and Dubai. In addition, guests can choose to explore Qatar as part of a three-day package or cruise.

Some of the best places to visit are the National Museum of Qatar and Chow Awk in Qatar, where you can find local gifts and spices. Travelers can also see the desert and the inland sea, followed by a thrilling curse.

Qatar Tourism is committed to enhancing its tourism value and the latest boat launch is part of Qatar National Vision 2030. Visitors from all over the world are welcome to enjoy the hospitality of this beautiful place on land and sea.

Qatar is an interesting place for tourists with a lot to offer. Step into the world of unexplored travel experiences like camel race, falconry. With innovations such as domination, the country is poised to become one of the biggest attractions of the Middle East.

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