Reasons Why Travelling Solo Is Not Everyone's Cup Of Tea

Reasons Why Travelling Solo Is Not Everyone's Cup Of Tea

Lately, it seems like every time I open a website or travel blog, there's something written in there about the benefits of traveling alone. And it seems tempting: the idea of discovering oneself, making new friends, earning nelw things about different life and cultures, and coming back is rich in experiences. Just not! At least not for me


How did I come to this opinion you ask? Well, after trying my luck wi  th traveling on m y own many times thanks to all the internet, and after having a totally good time, I come to the conclusion that I prefer traveling with friends and family rather than just "me, I am myself" for the company.


It took me a while to admit the fact that traveling alone isn't really the promised fairy tale (social media can do that for you), but now that I have it, here are the reasons:


1.It is very expensive:

Traveling is expensive, but if you go alone, you are only spending double that amount. Come on, you don't have anyone to share the expenses for the taxi, room and food, and you have to forfeit comfort too. You can get a room in a three-star property in the country for about $ 600-700 if you share it with a friend (s), but that amount will save you a bunk bed in a remote hostel if you are traveling alone.

2.You must worry about safety ... all the time:

If you travel with someone, you tend to take care of each other. It's easier to let your guard down and have fun. But when you are alone, you have to be aware of everything around you, all the time. Every time you don't find your wallet or phone, you will have a small heart attack! And this, my friends, is not funny at all. And if you are a woman, you must be very careful. It makes you look at everyone with a sense of doubt.

3.Eating alone is very boring:

When at home I am totally fine with eating on my own, but when I am away from home I want to share the experience with someone. Giving someone a piece of delicious taco doesn't really do it justice to the food and they can't really see my facial expressions change when I feel the chicken melting with the delicious sauce in my mouth. In fact, when I travel with friends, many of them click my pictures while eating because they love the way I enjoy food. How do I do this when I am alone, trying to figure out how much I can spend on food, while keeping an eye on all my belongings, and also trying to enjoy the food on my plate?.

 4.There is no one to take pictures for you:
Filling out my Instagram feed with pictures of vistas and landscapes can become very frequent and very quickly. And I have no evidence that he visited the place, unless a stranger offered to click a picture of me. Well of course I could put the camera on a timer and then frame it to get a shot, but every time I tried, it didn't turn out well. And I have shots of me with strange expressions and half-cut landscapes in the background. 

5.Mobile phone batteries drain at the speed of light :

I am part of the internet generation of the 21st century and would rather spend time on social media on my phone than having a conversation with a stranger in an unfamiliar land. Well, sometimes I do that too, but once I stop being an impromptu traveler, I come back to Instagram and Facebook, and check out what the rest of my friends are doing. The result? A quick-draining battery and a portable charger always on hand. This goes against all the safety rules of owning at least one communication device in the event of an emergency. However, what terrifies me the most is that my phone dies in the middle of the meal, in a cafe and then has to look at people without looking like a bastard to entertain myself.

6 . Most importantly, there is no one to share experiences with :

Yes, you can go home and tell everyone how awesome you are, but as you stare there at the sunset over the ocean, you'll want to be able to admire the beauty by talking to someone close to you. is yours. Even drunken stories and adventures are the most fun to tell when you have a friend to share with him in the first place.

 travel solo

 I salute the spirit of all these lonely travelers who continue to experience life on their own terms. Traveling alone can be a great way to explore the world, but it certainly isn't the only way. There was a time when I wanted to be like those travelers who travel on their backs with their selfie sticks being shared.

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