Secret Places In Himachal Pradesh You Must Visit

Secret Places In Himachal Pradesh You Must Visit

This morning I woke up to an explosive dream, a beautiful dream, serenity, calm, singing birds, the profound intensity in the forest, the sound of a flowing river, and rain on the surface of my plate. And I don't remember dreams. It is more like meditation, awakening your soul. And this morning it brought me back to my travel memories, to those places that made an impression on me, and certainly with my favorite group of people, my friends, my ex-girlfriends, and of course me. And without wading too long into my mood almost with the HALO influence, I am going to share with you these must-visit gems from Himachal Pradesh to spice up your being.

1 Bijli Mahadev Temple

This is the jewel of the Kullu Valley, beating Kasol every day. Approaching Kullu, a 12 km road will lead to Chansari Village as you climb stairs to reach this paradise. Also near Najjar, there is a walkable path with some scary rapids that will take you to Bigli Mahadev. Bikers and mountain bikers will love this route. A huge meadow with unprecedented views of the Himalayas welcomes you when you arrive and you want to stay here forever. It is a sacred site and the temple at the top has a very interesting legend. In this thunderbolt temple, the long stick is said to attract divine blessings in the form of lightning. It is believed that the temple priest should restore the Shivalinga place inside the temple using butter and tattoos after each lightning bolt, as it is destroyed by lightning. Perched at 2,480 meters, the only option is to camp in the air and watch it light up.

2 Chanchal Pass

There was no way to Chanchal or Larott until a few years ago. Excursions were the only possibility. There is now rest in Larotand a road that passes through 4600mts Chanshal towards the tribal areas of Dodra and Kwar, two peoples who live and breathe in their own time. The only option is to camp or stays in the homes of the few families that have sprung up in recent years. The gorgeous views are breathtaking (and that's an understatement)and the meadows and slopes of the Chanchal Valley are great for skiing, we can't say when that happens here. Trails lead to Sangla and Netwar Valley in the Jaunsar Bawa district of Uttarakhand. I would recommend cycling, although no matter how you get there, this will still be your road trip into the future. Larot is 48 km from Rohru and further afield is the Chanshal Pass.

3 The Great Himalayan National Park

There is now a Gushaini (in the remains of the Great Himalayan National Park) in Tirthan Valley, and then there is the Gadah Gushaini, which is definitely a thicker version of the Gushaini we may know. Rolling meadows, gently flowing mountain streams, shepherds, flower pots, trails - and it takes more than just a road to get there! Intention, Fate, Will. A winding road of about 33 km long takes you from my pocket (in Siraj Valley, which is reached from the 35 km road on Manali Highway) to this wonderland of the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. There is one guesthouse and one HP PWD lounge to stay here. Before Gadah Gushaini is another boho gem in the area. Impressive hiking trips take you to Chach Galu (Galu means passage in Mandi dialect) and from there to Jalori Pass or Magru Gala (near Janjehli).

4 Chindy

Chindy is definitely a dream. It is mainly an apple field, lush green and serene. In the morning here she sings a prayer with birds as a choir and forests as the audience. Afternoons like memories you put on canvas or words and nights are quiet as a sleeping baby. Coming from Tattapani or Chail Chowknear Sunder Nagar Chindi is a pleasure. 88 km from Chail chowk, 130 km from Shimla, Chindi, and nearby places have a network of trails that will make you amazing. Hiking from nearby Bakrote (2 km) leads to Shikari Devi and Janjehli Temple. Karsog and Pangna nearby are also delicacies. There are some good options to stay. The HP PWD Rest House (if you get a reservation) is exceptional for its location and old-world charm, and the HPTDC-run Mamleshwar Hotel is great for its food.

5 Choordhar

These two gems, 70 km from Shimla, lie in the shadow of the highest mountain in the Shivalik range, The Choordhar 3400mts. Pulbahal and Monalag are small towns located under Chopal tehsil and feature apple orchards, mountain streams, and lush coniferous forests. The breaks at HP PWD Apartments and Forest are a reminder of the old days in the Dak Bungalows and the best accommodation option until you want to camp outdoors. Make it the base for your trip to Shordhar. Come here fora quiet weekend with your favorite book or compose a new song here.

6 khrapathar

A buzz in the middle of Himachal's apple country, the most prominent of which is a huge egg-shaped rock (hence the name) is the village of Khara Pathar, the fizzy trail. 85 km from Shimla is a very scenic excursion to Khara Pathar. The energy of the place is exhilarating and you will definitely find yourself hopping between the many trails, most notably the 7-kilometer hike to Giri Ganga, the source of the Giri River, just below the magnificent Kuppar Peak. Indeed, the 4-hour climb to Kuppar is rewarding with a wide-angle view of the Garhwal River and the Kinnaur Himalayas. Excellent accommodation at HPTDC's Giri Ganga and some guesthouses and lounges. The Rohru and Hateshwari temples are 33 km and 29 km away respectively. Cycling enthusiasts and off-road enthusiasts should head to Reo Ghati to enjoy the thrill that takes them to Narkanda, Baghi, Ratnagiri, and Kalbog.

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