Snow sculpture of Ladakh soon become a tourist destination

Snow sculpture of Ladakh soon become a tourist destination

Ice sculptures will soon be set up as a new tourist destination in Ladakh. Union Minister Jatinder Singh on Monday told Lieutenant Governor (LG) RK Mathur that an ice sculpture will be made in Ladakh this winter. The ice sculpture will provide employment to the local people.

LG has announced that the Ice and Ice Art Festival in Ladakh will begin in a few years, once ice art is well established in the region. The first snow and ice sculpture workshop organized by Canting Snow and Ice Sculpture Association in association with Ladakh Police was held on 11 February 2022 at Sangat Kachin in Ladakh.

At the closing ceremony, the LG said, "There is no reason to leave Ladakh in winter. It is time to leave. In my opinion, the summer here (Ladakh) is very good, so the winter is very good.

He especially appealed to the most talented young soldiers in the creative field. The LG has promised to provide the necessary machinery to make the ice sculptures. The Union Minister said that the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi also gave priority to Ladakh.

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