Tiger Point Lonavala- A Must Visit Place During Monsoon Season

Tiger Point Lonavala- A Must Visit Place During Monsoon Season

You need an outing? Let's strike everything out. There's no need to look everywhere. The ideal location to unwind is at Tiger Point Lonavala. Tiger Point is characterized by constantly moving winds, flowing monsoon waterfalls, and a breathtaking valley. Tiger's Leap, also known as Tiger's Point, is a picturesque location situated in Kurvande on the route from Lonavala to Aamby Valley. It is approximately 12 kilometers from Lonavala Railway Station and 12 kilometers from Tung Fort. Tiger Point Lonavala is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

It is a clifftop at an altitude of 650 meters with a sweeping view of the hills nearby. The location offers a fantastic fusion of beauty, serenity, and excitement. Here, you can enjoy beautiful views of the sun rising and setting. A little waterfall that flows effectively throughout the monsoon seasons is located just next to this view and enhances it. The valley is covered with clouds, giving the place a heavenly appearance, making it an important day-trip destination.

How come it's named Tiger Point Lonavala

It takes on the shape of a tiger when viewed up close. An attempt by a tiger to cross the valley that gives the location its name. The waterfalls that naturally occur during the rainy season are another scene. The water there is glistening clear. The name refers to how it resembles a leaping tiger in appearance. It provides breathtaking landscapes of lush vegetation and woodlands.

Another name for Tiger's Leap is Waghdari. The name is a result of how much it resembles a tiger leaping. It is an amazing perspective of the surrounding forests, waterfalls, lakes, and other vegetation. This vantage point offers excellent views of the sunset and sunrise.

Directions to Tiger Point Lonavala 

Pawna Lake

Tiger Point

By bus, it takes 97 kilometers to get from Mumbai to The Tiger Point from Pune. The street is called Amby Valley Road. It travels through breathtakingly gorgeous mountains dotted with luxuriant vegetation. There is a train every 30 minutes, and it costs merely INR 90 to get to the destination. But if you want to see the gorgeous valley, we advise going out early in the morning. For less than INR 100, you may also start by taking an auto from Lonavala station.

However, the most useful option is a taxi that charges by the hour. For about INR 600, you may book a car or cab from Lonavala station. Buses may be found at INS Shivaji. The last 1.6 km must be covered on foot.

Only during the monsoons does a little waterfall next to the lookout run. It has stronger force falls than Bushy Dam. The falls also become a river with considerable force after the abrupt plunge. It extends all the way to Tiger's Leap's base. When the stream's flow is moderate, it is a well-liked vacation spot for many tourists who prefer daring activities like rafting. The location includes secure locations where visitors may view the surrounding valley and go on hikes.

What time of year is ideal for visiting Tiger Point Lonavala?

Lonavala View

The monsoon, when you can see many little waterfalls in the hills, is the finest time to go. The finest months to enjoy are June through September. Tiger Point lonavala should be visited in the late afternoon, just before the sun sets. During the winter and monsoon seasons, it is a wonderful spot to visit.

You can visit Tiger Point Lonavala with your loved ones and friends. This point's surroundings are spectacular, and it's a terrific place to observe the magnificent sunset. This location is just 20 minutes from Lonavala and is on the Lonavala and Aamby Valley Road. Visitors are not charged a price to enter.

Lion Point Lonavala often get confused with Tiger Point Lonavala

Tiger Point Lonavala and Lion Point Lonavala are frequently confused by people. Although they are on different hills, each has comparable vistas. Tiger point Lonavala is close to Lion point. It provides a panoramic view of the mountains and a wide valley well known for its roasted onion and corn fritters. Although it is a part of the Lonavala Lions Club, Lion Point does not really include any lions. It is one of Lonavala's most well-known overlooks and a prominent location to include on tours of the area.

A conical peak named Shiv-ling Peak can be seen to Lion's Point's left. At Lions Point, the views are magnificent and spectacular. From here, you can see both the sunset and the sunrise. The wind is currently very strong. The Lion Point's access road is similarly stunning.

Final Advice

The landscapes is breathtakingly beautiful when there are clouds hanging in the sky, especially when it is raining. For those who love the outdoors, it is the ideal getaway. One of the most popular tourist spots is Tiger Point Lonavala, also known as Tiger's Leap. The valley view in Lonavala is breathtaking. If you look closely, you can see how a tiger might go down the valley. 

Because of this, the vantage point bears its name. The primary, significant characteristic of the location is the sound made when rocks are thrown into the chasm. A little natural waterfall nearby can be found during the monsoon season. 

Places to visit around this Area 

Pawna Lake should surely be explored if you happen to be in Lonavala. A night spent camping at one of the sites is the ideal way to fully enjoy the lovely lake. One of the best-reviewed and well-known camping destinations in the region, Pawna Lake Camping is one of the options provided by Weekend Feels.

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