Tips for First-Time and Beginner Snowboarders- Ngtraveller

Tips for First-Time and Beginner Snowboarders- Ngtraveller

Snowboarding is a great winter sport and a great way to experience the mountains. It may take a while to get to a good level, but once there, there is nothing better than sliding down the slopes with the fresh mountain air on your face and the breathtaking views all around you.

If you are thinking of snowboarding or your first trip, read our tips below for beginners and beginners.

Know your limits

First, as a beginning snowboarder, it is very important to know your limits and not push yourself too hard. This includes not pushing yourself to spend all day on the tracks and not challenging yourself with more difficult races (often red and black or diamond shaped). Sure, they can look fun and can offer incredible scenery, but these challenging trails can be tricky and can increase your chances of falling. It is worth remembering that very soon you will reach a level where you can perform the most challenging tasks comfortably and safely, so you just have to be patient and give it a little time.

beginning snowboarder

Take your time

Remember that there is no rush when snowboarding and that it is much better to spend time on the slopes and get off the slopes safely, as well as enjoying the experience. It never feels like a race to the bottom, and don't worry too much about the others in your group if they have to wait. Ideally, ski with good friends who are patient or with other people of the same level.

Take lots of breaks

When you start snowboarding, make sure you have enough breaks. This could be between races where you can relax a bit before starting over, or having a drink and some food at a mountain hut. By taking lots of breaks, you'll be less likely to fatigue, make a mistake, and fall hard.

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You'll probably leave early in the morning and stop after an hour or so for a coffee / hot chocolate, followed by more runs before lunch. After lunch, ice skating some more before having another afternoon break, perhaps with another coffee or hot chocolate. These breaks also add fun to the experience.


Avoid black runs

Black trails are often the most difficult or dangerous trails in ski resorts and can also include trails with steep slopes or poles. Mongols are large ridges in the snow (shown below) that skiers and snowboarders have pieced together as they descended. They can be very good at unbalancing you and making your legs very tired. So until you feel confident, we suggest that you avoid it for now.

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Using the “Falling Leaf” technique on steep slopes

Occasionally you may find yourself on a very steep incline, where you may not feel safe going down in a straight line. In these scenarios, simply use the Falling Leaf technique on your heel or the edge of your toe and slowly go up until you feel confident enough to go faster.


Wear a helmet

In our opinion, wearing a helmet is ideal for skiing and snowboarding and you should always wear one regardless of your level. They can help in many ways, from protecting against bumps or falls, to keeping your head nice and warm. If you want to take videos with sports cameras (like the GoPro HERO), you can often attach them to the helmet as well.

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Wear wrist guards

Wrist guards help protect your wrists in case they fall or land on your hands. They can't 100% prevent you from breaking your wrist on the biggest falls, but they can certainly help protect you and prevent more serious injuries. Plus, it doesn't cost a lot, so there's no reason not to buy it.


Know when to call it a day

As a great winter sport, it can be tempting to run one last time. However, if you are on the slopes most of the day, you may feel tired. This means that you are more likely to make mistakes or be less responsive if you encounter unexpected obstacles that could upset your balance. The other thing that often happens in ski resorts, and even more so on sunny days, is that the snow can melt a bit, which means you can find patches of ice. These slippery sections can cause you to lose your balance and even when you have more accomplishments, it's no fun getting on board.


We highly recommend taking snowboarding as a winter sport and following our tips above, you should have great first-time experiences on the slopes. Remember that the main thing is not to try too hard and take your time. Also, always remember to wear a helmet and other appropriate safety gear. Also see our article with more safety tips for skiing and snowboarding.