Top 10 highest motorable roads and passes in the world

Top 10 highest motorable roads and passes in the world

Have you dreamt of having an adventure of a lifetime on your bike? Not many who dream of the same can actually do it. If you aspire to ride on the highest motorable roads, take a look at the top 10 motorable roads in the world.


1. Uturuncu: Located in Bolivia, this is the worlds highest motorable road at 18,953 feet. This road was built to serve a sulphur mine but now attracts tourists from across the world. If you dream of conquering this road, you need to get accustomed of the vividness of the place. The oxygen level will be really low, hence consider your current health conditions.

2. Marsimek La: Located in the Chang Chemno range in Ladakh, the road has an elevation of 18,614 feet. You will require prior permission from the Indian Army if you want to ride here. The road will lead you to the Pangong Tso Lake.

Marsimek La

3. Dungri La: This is the road located between India and China and is in the hilly state of Uttarakhand. It is Indias second highest motorable road and the third highest motorable road in the world. You will have to seek prior permission from the Indian army before you head out. It has an elevation of 18,406 feet.

4. Photi La: Another road situated in Ladakh, it is only 30 kms away from the beautiful place called Hanle. This is one of the newly opened passes in Ladakh and one you cannot miss travelling to.

5. Semo La: Located at the height of 18,258 feet in the central part of the Tibetan plateau, this route is used by pilgrims headed to Mount Kailash when the mud makes it difficult to assess the southern route.

6. Khardung La: This motorable road has an elevation of 17,582 feet and is in the Ladakh region of India. This is most visited by adventurers and is a gateway to the Nubra Valley. It gives some of the best views of the valley and is of strategic importance for India and China.

Kaksang La:

7. Kaksang La: Located in Ladakh, the road has an elevation of 17,841 feet and comes en route to Mahe-Nama-Chusul-Pangong Tso when headed to Hora La pass. There are two lakes on this route. A permit from the Inner Line is required to get here but the Indian Army can also send you back from the checkpoint if they consider it unsafe to go ahead.

8. Donkia Pass: This pass is a connection between Sikkim and Tibet. It lies close to the worlds highest lake Tso Lhamo in North Sikkim. It has an elevation of 17,999 feet and it is difficult to get here. You need a special permit from the Indian Army.

9.Chang La: With an elevation of 17,586 feet, the road is on the way to Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh. It attracts tourists from across the globe for the picturesque beauty.

Chang La

10. Suge La: The road is situated 110 kms from the North West of Lhasa and is in a decent condition. It will offer amazing views of Chomo Gangtse Mountain and has an elevation of 17,815 feet. There is low oxygen on the top which will be a test of your vehicles engine.