Top 5 Best Trekking Shoes for Trekkers & Hikers

Top 5 Best Trekking Shoes for Trekkers & Hikers

One of the most important pieces of gear for hiking in India, particularly in the Himalayas, are trekking shoes. Particularly when hiking in the high-altitude areas of the Himalayas, it can make or break your expedition. Your walking style and your ideal footwear will coordinate. But before you tie the knot, you must be confident that they are the ideal match. Running and sports shoes are considerably different from hiking boots. The shoe has many characteristics that support your feet and ankles while you walk and enables you in handling all sorts of terrain and weather.

The following are the essential qualities of Best Hiking Shoes: 

Excellent traction and grip on all terrain types without slipping.

Built with materials that prevent your feet from becoming injured or twisted.

Weatherproofing for various climates.

The capacity for long-term use and durability.

For prolonged hiking or trekking, comfort and breathability are essential.

What things should I consider before purchasing Best Trekking Shoes?

Before purchasing trekking shoes, you should examine these four crucial characteristics.

The type of terrain you'll be walking on, such as a paved trail or a rocky, uneven terrain.

The length of time, or the number of days, that you would use the shoes, such as weekend hikes versus expeditions.

Trekking through a monsoon versus a snowy environment.

The top trekking shoes on the market in India are listed below, with most buyers giving them a rating of at least 4 out of 5. This list was developed after extensive testing, research, and comparison of more than 60+ pairs of shoes from various brands, including Solomon, Quechua, Wildcraft, Adidas, Columbia, and Woodland, found on websites like Amazon, Decathlon, Flipkart, and Wildcraft stores.

Men's Shoes Quechua Forclaz 100 Mid WTP

All weather trekking shoes

This superb sneaker from Quechua features a stylish style and comfort. All-weather shoes that are reasonably comfortable and waterproof.


Beginners can hike in any weather.

Comfortable full-length cushioning.

Upto 8 kilometers on water up until the midpoint.

Ankle support for further stability on difficult terrain.

Good grip on muddy and wet terrain.


High caliber and appropriate

All-weather footwear that is waterproof

Robust and reliable for Himalayan climbs

Good ankle support and grip

Additional Points


Material: 30.00% polyurethane (PU), 30.00% polyester (PES), and 40.00% polyamide (PA) Lining.

920 Grams in weight


Men's Synthetic Quest Prime GTX Mid Ankle Hiking Shoe by Salomon

Wonderful experience for Hike

These hiking shoes are among the best on the market. You have a wonderful experience on your hikes when the fitting, cushioning, and protection are combined. Solomon quest premier, one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor hiking equipment, is portable and suitable for all surfaces.


Useful shock-absorbing material for any surface.

Suede leather for strength and more time wearing.

Soft lining and mesh for comfort.

Toe region has protective rubber for added safety.

A protective mudguard.


Excellent quality for all-terrain durability.

Good traction on wet terrain as well as on mud, pebbles, and roads.

Legs made of breathable material for internal cooling.

Very robust and long-lasting.


Additional Points

A little on the pricey side



1.94 Grams in weight


Safety shoe Allen Cooper 1008 with a Hi-Ankle

Hi-Ankle Safety Shoes

This sneaker has excellent customer reviews and is a fantastic buy for someone on a budget. For Indian hikes, this high ankle shoe by Allen Cooper is a fantastic choice.


Grippy anti-skid sole.

Toe cap for additional defence in rugged terrain.

Resistance to heat and acid in oil.


Lightweight and grippable.

Cheap in terms of the wallet.

Ankle height for added support.

Grey Woodland Men's Boots

Great for Himalayan Trekking

For almost 20 years, Woodland has been a brand you can rely on. These shoes are stylish and ideal for Indian Himalayan trekking. You can definitely choose these for hiking in India because they have a terrific competitive price and the Woodland brand.


Leather is a comfortable and attractive material.

Sturdy in rough terrain.

Great-looking leather and textile uppers.

A pair of all-weather shoes that are waterproof to a certain extent.


Extremely cosy clothing with superior padding

Lightweight and comfortable for walking

Looks fashionable

Resilient for all terrain

Cost-effective and worthwhile

Additional Points


800 Grams in weight


Columbia Walking Shoe for Women Newton Ridge Plus in Leather

Best trekking shoes for women

One of the best-reviewed pairs of women's shoes for sale in India are these Columbia shoes. Enhanced performance for any outdoor activity with a leather outer and Techlite technology for additional cushioning.


For extreme weather, choose Newton Ridge with Leather as the exterior material.

Omni grip for added traction and stability

Lightweight for performance and cushioning

Waterproof and shockproof


Stylish and cozy all-terrain footwear

For use in all weather, waterproof

Excellent stability and grip when walking on rocky terrain.

Additional Point

Two color options only



735 Grams in weight


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