Top Caves in Uttarakhand- Ngtraveller

Top Caves in Uttarakhand- Ngtraveller

Dislocating God Himself, Uttarakhand has hidden some mysterious caves in its crevices that need to be explored. These natural caves, as well as the man-made caves in Uttarakhand, will draw you into adventure here. The history behind the formation, history and legends of these ancient caves in Uttarakhand will seduce you. Quickly slide through the information on some of these famous caves in Uttarakhand.

Budher Caves, Chakrata

Budher Caves in Chakrata

Podder is a place famous for its historic caves, Podder Caves. These caves are also known as Miola Caves as a German citizen, discovered Miola Caves. Podder Caves are still unexplored due to the difficult unknown path.

Legends believe that the Pudir Caves were built by the Pandavas of the epic Mahabharat to escape when their castle was burned down and are believed to be over 150 km long during that period.

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Eco Cave Gardens, Nainital

Eco Cave Gardens is a newly developed tourist area in Nainital. It consists of several interconnected natural caves of different animals. The hanging gardens make this place even more attractive. An educational tour for children is the best option to explore the Eco Cave gardens.

Gauri Udiyar Cave, Bhageshwar

Gauri Udiyar Cave, Bageshwar

In the beautiful Kumaon section of Uttarakhand, is the infamous cave temple called Gauri Udiyar. It is located about 8 km from the town of Bageshwar and is home to many idols of Lord Shiva. In the Komoni dialect, the word "Odyar" symbolizes a small rocky cave in which tigers and other wild animals live. The cave measures about 20 x 95 square meters and contains various images of Lord Shiva.

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Mahavatar Babaji Cave

The Mahavatar Babaji cave is the most spiritual cave in the Himalayas, which is the origin of Kriya Yoga and where Yoga Guru Lahiri Mahasaya obtained the teachings of Kriya Yoga directly from Mahaavatar Baba Ji. The cave is visited every day by many pilgrims and Kriya Yogis who follow different teachers.

To understand the historical significance of the cave, it is suggested that devotees read chapter 34 "Incarnation of a palace in the Himalayas" from Yogi's autobiography, and "Blessing of Mahavatar Babaji" from Sri Daya Mata's only love book.

Guchhu Pani/ Robbers Cave, Dehradun

Guchhu Pani/ Robbers Cave, Dehradun

Robbers Cave is a favorite picnic spot for young, fun-loving couples. It is located near Anarwala town, 8 km from Dehradun city center. Visitors often visit Thieves' Cave to enjoy fresh water streams within the natural beauty of the caves.

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Pandav Gufa, Gangotri

Pandav Gufa is a mystical cave that can be reached by starting a short 1.5 km walk from Gangotri Dham. Pandav Gufa is believed to be the place where the Pandavas of the Mahabharata meditate on their way to Kailash.