Top Incredible Things to do in Israel During Christmas

Top Incredible Things to do in Israel During Christmas

Many people around the world want the holy, thrilling, and healthy Christmas experience that Israel offers. Israel is the birthplace of Christianity, and several locations reflect the life of Jesus. Jesus Christ is believed to have been born in Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth, and died in Jerusalem. Even though Christian travelers frequent these locations, Christmas is a special time to visit. They can enjoy a distinctive and extraordinarily memorable Christmas celebration.
Every type of traveler can find something to enjoy in the holy land, which has a lot to offer visitors. The months of December and January see a spike in tourism, giving visitors the chance to mix with both locals and visitors from around the world.

Here is our guide to the Top Christmas Places in Israel you can visit during the month of December.  Let's have a look at this:


Bethlehem, the holiest of the holy places for Christians worldwide, receives the most tourists in Israel. The city where Jesus Christ was born, is governed by the Palestinian National Authority rather than Israel. However, this does not imply that it is challenging to get there. One of the most well-known Christmas customs in Israel is to travel from Jerusalem to Bethlehem over the holiday season while singing holy songs and getting into the holiday spirit.

Holy place for Christians


The birthplace of Jesus Christ is the ideal location to visit during the Christmas season. One of Israel's most popular tourist destinations has always been Nazareth. The entire city is illuminated with Christmas decorations, and the community is always in a festive mood. Around Christmas, there are a variety of activities available in the town, such as an all-day Christmas market where one can buy gifts for their family and friends along with a variety of regional goods. There is the BIG mall at the Christmas market entrance for avid shoppers. In addition, you may see another Christmas custom in Israel—the lighting of the Christmas tree—at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation.

Famous Greek Orthodox Church

Tel Aviv-Jaffa: 

Travel to Tel Aviv in Israel for an unique Christmas experience. Israel's Old City of Jaffa is renowned for drawing the most ethnically mixed people throughout the holiday season. Christmas in the city is unlike anywhere else in the nation because of its intense celebrations. The city, which is decorated with Christmas trees and Hanukkah Menorahs, offers a wide variety of activities. There is the Night Light Festival, which features breathtaking light displays, live music, pyrotechnics, art exhibits, and much more. There are also local artists' Winter Opera Performances, which draw a crowded audience. The lighting of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Christmas tree is another event that is a wonderful sight to witness.

Israel's Old City

Pass Christmas Greetings

One of the best things to do around Christmas in Israel is probably this. Families and visitors can visit neighbors to wish them a Merry Christmas and receive a glass of alcohol or some sweets in return. This custom has been practiced in Israel for a very long time, and while at first it was only practiced by local families, in recent years tourists have started to join in as well. Visitors now have a fantastic opportunity to interact with residents and experience the culture of the nation. Additionally, Santa-costumed individuals can be seen knocking on doors to collect funds for the different Israeli government-run national organizations.

Israel Tradition

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