Trans Bhutan's hiking trial sacred history is reopen in 60 years

Trans Bhutan's hiking trial sacred history is reopen in 60 years

The Kingdom of Bhutan is planning to reopen the famous and holy Trans Bhutan for travelers after 60 years! The historic 400-kilometer road will reopen in March 2022, after two years of renovations. There will be two new walking routes, an 11-day camp on the Trans-Bhutan road and a 12-day Trans-Bhutan road.

A statement from G Adventures, the restoration team, said: "We are excited to present this new comeback in Bhutan magic, in partnership with the Bhutan Canada Foundation. and the Trans-Bhutan Trail. "

Learn more about the history of the process

The origins of the sacred symbol are over a thousand years old! This route is revered because it serves as a pilgrimage to many famous places in Bhutan and Tibet. This method has been used by apostles, believers, and merchants for thousands of years. But unfortunately, after the construction of the national highway in the 1960s, the steps of the road were destroyed.

Now, in partnership with the Bhutan Canada Foundation and Bhutan Tourism Council, the road will reopen in March 2021 with the promise of new entertainment.

For non-beginners, Bhutan is one of the two zero-emission countries in the world. It is also one of the 10 hotspots for biodiversity. Respect will cross the magnificent landscapes and beautiful lush valleys. It will also connect more than ten cities and towns with the nation's rich historical and cultural sites, including Fort 9 Dzong.

Two new Trans Bhutan Trail routes will open on May 1, 2022 and are now available for booking. The cost of the route is USD 3149 per person.

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