Visit Rajgir Zoo Safari- All you Need to Know about Tickets, Cost, and Entry Timing

Visit Rajgir Zoo Safari- All you Need to Know about Tickets, Cost, and Entry Timing

Visitors can now experience a lovely and joyful-spirited jungle safari at Rajgir Zoo. There are different kinds of transportation modes through which visitors can visit this zoo like safaris, buses, vans, or jeep to view the wide variety and diversity of species housed here. You can purchase tickets for your safari journey to the Rajgir zoo in Bihar by fulfilling the ticket purchasing formality online. 

One can see and experience how animal safety is given the top most priority in the zoo and how zookeepers are handling and taking care of the animals. In order to keep them secure and help them to live longer, several different species of animals are transported to this Rajgir zoo from various states, locations, or wilderness areas. These creatures include lions, tigers, bears, and other wild animals that roam in the zoo without being contained by bars or cages.

Safari Park

Some Details about Rajgir Zoo Safari 

Name of the Zoo is Rajgir Zoo Safari

Safari Style at Rajgir Zoo is Jungle Safari

Mode of transportation is by Bus

By visiting the official website of we can easily book the tickets online.

Contact Information

Proper Location of the Zoo: Rajgir Zoo Safari, District of Nalanda, Bihar

Ticket price of the Zoo is Rs. 250

Opening and closing time of the zoo is from 9am onwards till 6pm.

One can easily get tickets by filling up relevant details online

Bihar's Nalanda District is home to this Rajgir Zoo safari. The Bihar chief minister opened the Rajgir Zoo Safari on January 17, 2017. There are several animals brought in this zoo and when counted there are approximately more than 1000 different varieties of species in this zoo. Therefore, people can reserve tickets online by going to the Rajgir zoo safari's official website in order to visit the zoo and witness those many animal species.

Jungle Safari

Rajgir Zoo Safari offers the following Attractions:

Herbivorous Safari

Animal Safari

Leopard Safari

Tiger Safari

Lion Safari


Bear Safari

Center for Interpretation 

Butterfly Park 

180 Theater

Rajgir's other ecotourism destinations

The Rajgir Zoo Safari ticket offers access to the following locations during the wildlife safari by bus: 

The children's park, 

Information center, and 

180-degree theater facilities.

There are no additional fees for visiting these locations or taking a wildlife safari.

The tourists are just required to purchase a single entry ticket to enter the zoo. After purchasing a ticket online, it cannot be canceled.

The zoo is open Monday through Saturday and the duration of the safari ride lasts for an hour and a half in total.

How to Purchase Tickets for the Rajgir Zoo Safari Online 

To get it started, go to, the official website.

Next, select "Book your Safari" from the menu.

Then, fill up the total number of adults and kids.

Enter your email address, phone number, and address after that.

Next, insert the number from your voter card, PAN card, or Aadhar card.

Select the visiting date and the safari time.

then click on  "Book Now."

Enter your payment details and the entire Rajgir Zoo Safari ticket booking amount on the following page.

Rules and regulations

Rules and Restrictions for entering in the Rajgir Zoo Safari

To protect the animals and guests, the regulations for the zoo safari trip are considerably strict and more regulated. For example, during a safari, guests are not permitted to leave the vehicle or descend to the bus in order to quiet the animals where they are and to safeguard guests from wild creatures.

The zoo strictly takes action on the use of any kind of drugs, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, cigarettes, or other intoxicating substances.

Additionally, items like matches, sharp tools like knives or cutters, light, or any other combustible products are not permitted because they can damage the animal or otherwise provoke it.

When taking a safari ride in the zoo, neither adults nor kids should use noise-making equipment or make loud noises.

At the zoo, it is forbidden to throw trash, snack wrappers, or food items.

All visitor belongings, including a woman's purse, electronics, and photographs, are prohibited inside the zoo. They have to be put in the office. If not, an animal cruelty punishment may be imposed.

The visitors to Rajgir Zoo Safari must abide by the following laws and restrictions.

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