World first underwater villa,The Muraka in Maldives is open now

World first underwater villa,The Muraka in Maldives is open now

Moraka is finally here! Yes, you read that correctly. While we are already madly in love with how amazing the Maldives is, the place is ready to wow us with this. Murakaa in the Maldives, the world's first underwater village, is open to travelers. This underwater village called The Muraka (which means coral in Dhivehi), is the creation of Conrad Maldives Rangali; It is now receiving visitors. World first underwater villa in Maldives

The press release broke into the world of tourism, petting water kids from all over the world. This "Into the Blue" experience will have travelers staying 16 feet 4 inches below the surface of the ocean, and you can imagine the allure of this crystal clear water. Moraka is a two-story structure, one above the water and the other under the water. Stairs will take you to the upscale underwater suite that will contain a luxurious king-size bed, bathroom and living room.

World first underwater villa in Maldives

The upper floor of Muraka is also planned to be an ultra-luxury experience, including a gym, butler room, bedroom, kitchen, bar, and of course a terrace for all the wonderful Maldives sunsets. Needless to say, this villa has dedicated 24/7 service staff.

The uninitiated should know that Conrad also has the world's first underwater restaurant to its name, which began in 2000. With winter approaching, a stay at The Muraka feels like the perfect getaway. right?

If you fancy the idea of having an unforgettable experience beside (and within!) the Indian Ocean, The Muraka promises to have it all.

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