World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant in Norway

Worlds Largest Underwater Restaurant in Norway

Well, you read the title perfectly right! Southern Norway is getting ready with its largest underwater restaurant. That sounds really amazing! Dont you think thats the right place for a perfect dinner date with your partner! Well, what else could be better than the underwater restaurant in Norway! Many places of this earth have witnessed underwater restaurants; but nothing as large as this. Truly, now there is a good reason to visit Southern Norway.
Introduction to Under
Image source-Visit NorwayUnder gives you the opportunity to have dinner five meters below the sea level. This restaurant will be the worlds largest and the first in Europe to have developed something that grand! One of the founders of the Under restaurant project, Gaute Ubostad said, Well attract tourists from all over the world. That is our goal. I hope and believe that this will be the start of a new age for the travel industry.It is evident that the underwater restaurant Under will definitely find a place on the dining map of Southern Norway and throughout the whole world. In fact, Under might face some tough competition with the other restaurants and perhaps with some underwater restaurants too. Ubostad has also said that their aim is to become a spearhead so that they can achieve and enjoy the international success in the market.This restaurant has got more to do other than enhancing just the position of Southern Norway. As a whole, it will solidify Norway. Ubostad also believes that the restaurant Under will make one of the tourist attractions of the world. People will find it exciting to come to Norway and combine their visit here along with other places.
Largest and research-friendly
The restaurant Under will be constructed in the waters at Spangereid in Lindesnes. This is the southernmost tip of Norway. The restaurant is scheduled to be inaugurated in public in 2019. Check out is innovativeness, authenticity, and creativity:1. Since Under is termed to be the largest underwater restaurant, you can estimate it to have a good number of seating capacity. The restaurant will be capable of carrying 100 guests at a time. Well, entire Norway is very proud of this establishment.2. This restaurant in Lindesnes will be the first underwater restaurant in the whole of Europe.3. In order to provide the guests with an amazing experience, several research works regarding the restaurant are being carried out. The marine biology is being studied thoroughly so that no underwater animals are harmed.
It can be said that Under will be a treat for all the enthusiasts of architecture. Initially, the restaurant was started on the barge of a coast and then shifted to its position which is almost 600 ft. away from the coast. While shifting, a heavy lifting vessel was put to use. The hotel reminiscent looks like a rock that is rising from the sea. This looks similar to an art installation.For submerging the whole structure, the inside was filled with water contained containers. Total 18 anchor points were fixed so that the whole structure could be submerged at ease. More than half of the building is submerged. Therefore, visitors will get a view of both the atmosphere and the water underneath. Guests will enter through a glass walkway which will be placed at the shore level. This beautiful artifice is the creation of none other than the award-winning architectural firm Snohetta.Under is constructed by reinforced concrete so that it can withstand all kinds of harsh conditions that can attack the Norwegian coastline. Senior architect, Grasdal has said that the major problem here is that of water pressure since the restaurant is five meters below the sea level. However, the biggest challenge the restaurant has to face is the waves. This particular location is more hit by wind and waves. For being able to face these circumstances, the building is made slightly tilted and curved. Its thickness is 1.6 feet (for the concrete) and 1 foot (for the windows).
Panoramic views of the sea
After you step inside the restaurant, you feel like you have entered into some other world. Without even diving into the sea, you can experience the underwater five meters deep. All you need to do is to lead through the glass walkway and come down the stairs. Down the restaurant, there are huge glass walls that give you the sight of the harmonious sea life.On one hand, you will have a lovely dinner and on the other, you will have colorful fishes swimming by you. When the whole affair will be clubbed up by the roaring of the sea and the high turmoil of the sea waves, think of the ecstasy that one will enjoy underneath! Thats heavenly!
Secured mode of entertainment
Researchers have said that they are planning to train the fishes for the entertainment of the guests. Also, the action of the fishes will be supported by adequate light and sound. The main motive of the authority of the Under is to provide to the guests with some experience that they have never had. They want to make it a lifetime experience for the guests.
Delicious cuisines
Image source-honeymoonmaldives.comWhen it is a restaurant, what else can be the main focus other than the food! The food will be centered on the locally available ones. However, the food will taste such that foodies from all over the world will be attracted to the Under in Southern Norway. The menu will consist of locally caught fish, seabirds and wild sheep. Mainly, seafood will be the primary center of attraction in the dish.
On this note, Under is happy to declare that their reservations are opening from the April 2019. However, seats are limited for the summers. So, please do hurry if you have to experience world-class seafood. Also, Grasdal has commented, I think the most exciting experience will be visiting the experience during rough weather. Well, when you want to visit Under is entirely your discretion.Life is short. So, do not miss the opportunity of dining in Under.Read more:-Indian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi