World's first spaceship tourist plane to be ready by 2022

World's first spaceship tourist plane to be ready by 2022

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic could take two space tourists on a 90-minute trip to space if all goes according to plan. The company recently launched a virtual tour of the VSS Unity passenger cabin designed for space travel.

What makes it special?

It seats up to six passengers, a two-member crew, and has reclining seats designed to suit the height and weight of each person. Each passenger has a well-integrated personal communication system that gives them direct access to the space pilots. There are large circular windows that provide great views of Earth as the spacecraft rises 97 km (60 miles) above the planet.

Without smartphones

Apparently, the spacecraft will not allow smartphones, as it may hit a passenger due to its tendency to float in the absence of the force of gravity. George Whitesides, Space Director at Virgin Galactic, told one of the major daily news that to make up for smartphones with cameras, 16 cameras were installed around the cabin to take pictures of passengers with the Earth in the background; Two more cameras will record the video.

Whitesides was quoted as saying that passengers can take off the seat belt and float in the cabin to the permitted point in the flight. To avoid injury, soft furniture has been installed and people can also stick to handcuffs for comfort.

Reportedly, 60 people signed up for the spaceflight, at a cost of $ 250,000 per ticket. The spacecraft will take off from the Virgin Galactic Space Port in New Mexico. However, space travel has been delayed until early 2020, as was reported recently.

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