Narendra Modi Introduced A 24*7 Tourist Helpline In 12 Language

Narendra Modi Introduced A 24*7 Tourist Helpline In 12 Language

Multi-lingual Tourist Helpline has been launched in India for the safety of the tourists 

In an exercise to help increase the visits of tourists to India, the union ministry of tourism in India has successfully launched a 24x7 toll-free multi-lingual tourist helpline. The helpline service is made available either on the toll-free number 1800111363 or on a shortcode that is 1363. The helpline is available 24*7, 365 days in a year. It basically offers a Multi-lingual Helpdesk. 

It facilitates providing tourist information and also provides assistance to the tourists that are visiting the country, whether domestic or international tourists.

The helpline will be providing appropriate advice to the callers during the times of any distress that may arise while traveling in the country. They will also alert the concerned authorities if it is required.

The Ministry of Tourism of India launched the 24x7 toll-free multi-lingual tourist helpline in 12 languages that are spoken internationally. These languages that will be handled by the helpline are: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, Hindi and English.

It is a unique initiative of the Ministry of Tourism, under the Government of India which aids to provide the foreign as well as domestic tourists safety and security while they are traveling anywhere in India.

It is not surprising to find that the toll-free multi-lingual helpline for the tourists has been awarded as the winner of the Outlook Traveler award 2017 with the title of the Best New Tourism Initiative.

It helps to serve the tourists who do not have much information about India, whether it is the places they should visit, things they should know for being safe in the country and other related information. The helpline also aims to help the tourists who have been affected during distress as well as a natural disaster.

In addition to the helpline, the Government has also launched an app named the “Incredible India” to further provide for a smooth and trouble-free journey across India, Mr. Mahesh Sharma, the tourism minister said in a statement. He further added that tourism basically depends on the country's image and hence the efforts are being taken to create a positive experience for the tourists across the world. 

While the tourists are in India, the calls made by them to get any kind of assistance will be free of charge. The international tourists that have come to visit India as well as the international callers who speak the languages that are included in the 12 languages handled by the helpline, will be directed to the call agents who are proficient in that language.

On the occasion of the launch of this helpline service, a live demo was presented in the Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Italian languages. The Minister has said during the launch of the helpline that the launching of this Multilingual Infoline has helped in fulfilling the promise made to the people by the present Government for making provision for the safety and security of the tourists in the country. 

All the Indian embassies in different countries have issued a notice on their websites about this initiative.

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