Agonda beach in goa ! Can really Agonda is best beach in Goa

Agonda beach in goa ! Can really Agonda is best beach in Goa

Let me tell you how peaceful, perfect and relaxing Agonda Beach in Goa is.

I want to reach a beach in South India in a few days. Coconut, meat and pepper come to mind. Twitter immediately offered a share to Rachel & Wonders and they sold it to me. Agonda beach has publicly called my name and I will oppose it.

Goa is a southern Indian state known for its comfortable living, serene beaches and Kavaliya Yoga Centers. After spending a few weeks exploring India's Golden Triangle, I just wanted to do it.

Is Agonda beach best in Goa?

Honestly, I've seen it all. The water is not as clear as Sri Lanka or the Maldives, and the sand is whiter than pure white, but the atmosphere is.


The Agonda beach is far from Agonda and my driver pulled me over the road and asked for directions from the cows. It takes half an hour to hit the "center" of the back, which lacks communication skills. Think cozy little cafes and tuk-tuk in the afternoon.

You can immediately feel the tension associated with swimming in cool fish waves. Drums are placed in the sun, yoga practice sparks genuine interest and cows move randomly through the sand around them and not like in other Instagram photos.

Beach accommodation costs less than $5 per night for a tiny house on Main Street. I was a sophomore and was traveling with a suitcase.

agonda beach

Many yoga classes take place on the dusty streets behind small shops and huts. Many of the people I've met come here for weeks or months to look inside themselves.

There are bars and restaurants on the plate and vegetarians and vegans are no good here. There will be times and days, and time will be wasted.

Sound Perfect right ?

Agonda Beach Road
Agonda Lady Goa India

You can hire a fingerprint driver from Goa airport to Agonda in 1 hour (about $20) or you can catch a bus to Magao (about $6). If you are from Bombay, it is best to visit the countryside. There are many resorts and beaches near the airport, but I want to be as far away as possible.
It works. The first day was fun. Drink tea, walk 2.5 km along the beach, eat outside...

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