Airlines Cancel Flights To The U.S. Over 5G Concerns

Airlines Cancel Flights To The U.S. Over 5G Concerns

Major international airlines were recently suspended in the US this week due to concerns over the release of 5G services globally. Flights to and from there have been cancelled.

The main concern is that 5G service will affect some airlines. Here's what we know about 5G deployment and aviation in the US.

The aircraft was grounded as a precaution before the 5G launch.
5G was originally planned for Wednesday, January 19 near the national airport. But AT&T and Verizon Communications both announced Tuesday that the companies would be shutting down 5G towers near other international airports.

As a result, several flights were delayed early Wednesday due to concerns about disruptions in 5G technology.

Meanwhile, international airlines Emirates, Lufthansa, Air India, British Airways and Japanese airlines ANA and Japan Airlines called on U.S. airlines this week to have 5G near the airport. Other flights have been suspended for Some airlines are assessing the current situation.

Flights to Dubai and several cities in the United States have been suspended this week.
The biggest air accident at this time has happened in the United Arab Emirates. Currently, all flights between Dubai and Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Newark, Orlando, Florida, San Francisco and Seattle are suspended or cancelled.

Emirates officials said in a statement on Wednesday that this week's flight cancellations were "due to concerns about the planned implementation of 5G cellular network services at certain United States airports".

"We are working with aircraft manufacturers and government agencies to reduce operational stress and look forward to resuming operations in the United States soon," the statement said.

As per the latest report, flights to Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC will continue as planned.

How does 5G affect air quality services?

According to experts, if the 5G cellular antenna is located near the airport, it will affect some of the equipment required for the piloting and operation of the aircraft,such as radio transmitters which is used for measuring altitude

United States of america. The non-profit Radio Technology Commission (RTCA) issued a major statement in 2020 warning that small cells (also known as "nodes") near airports could be used for aircraft radar ultimatums. 

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