Traveling to Miami this year? Try this selected restaurant

Traveling to Miami this year? Try this selected restaurant

Here are the headlines some people expect in early 2021: Miami is the most interesting foodie city in the country.

New York has opened several great dining rooms in Miami. Among them is Italian-American hotspot Carbon & Court, a Korean steakhouse whose sole reason to switch from a South Sea party atmosphere to a clean floor.

Keep reading to learn more about these six places where the city's best chefs don't find themselves in their own homes or professional kitchens.
EL Turco

EL Turco

Chef Vural Aydogan's live Turkish coffee table is filled with dishes of a variety of colors, flavors and textures. "Everything is delicious in this small shop, from Turkish coffee to fresh pastries and breads," says Michelle Bernstein. "You can watch the chef prepare everything every day.


The Korean Steakhouse and USDA Premier Stack menu, with spaceships upon entering the District Building, has its high octane atmosphere that resembles a Manhattan flagship. Chef Valerie Chan says, “My favorite restaurant of the year. It is interesting to walk out the aisle and enter the restaurant to feel the ambiance. Chef Atom is Valerie Chang and one of the owners of Section Bottom.

Tran An

In this hot Vietnamese area of Little River, rooms are decorated with monsters, round lamps, and metal animals. The place is named after chef's owner John Nguyen, who recommended that I open a forbidden shop. Public Chef Jose Mendon praised Maggi for an additional staff version with four fillings, such as barbecue pork with butter and sesame Jack Frost with tofu mayonnaise. "The flavors are interesting and original in an interesting way," Menden said of the green papaya salad and chicken pho. Suggested Jose Manhattan, chef and co-founder of Publi Restaurant Group


The restaurant at the Ruble Museum has a great outdoor dining setting, whether you're sitting in an outdoor dining room filled with plants or yellow. "This menu brought me back to the Basque Country," said Cindy Hutson, chef at Cervarisla Tropical. The outer part of the crochet is very creamy and crispy. Beet tart has a great balance of acidity and flavor. I'm not a vegetarian, but I always order. With the arrival of Michael Gecoria, you can choose one from Bacardi. Chicken-like plant and 50-day-old dried sheep. The cocktail tanks are filled with options that emphasize flavored mashed potatoes such as basil and strawberry. Sarbanika is a hill. Recommended by Executive Chef Inn, English Hutson

Eleventh Street Pizza

“As a New Yorker who spends most of her time in Miami, [I] Eleven Street Pizza offers the very best version of New York-style pie,” said Mario Colburn, an important food conglomerate. Inspired by David Focus Wire and Daniel Holtman, the pizzeria features a full leg option, as well as cheese-topped yellow skin with slices and carmine. Pepperoni is dominated by small bowls of sausage, Caliberia pepper paste and honey. Suggested Mario Carbone, Chef and Co-Founder of Major Food Group

Uchi Miami

One Wood's sushi chef Tyson Cole's place, which he started in Austin, Texas, has an unconventional menu. In Miami, Dina Butterfield oversees a busy kitchen. Chef Lech Michael Goicoria praised the creation. "Bigeye's Akami is a house-made tuna cooked with agave and miso and served with a lightly balanced Asian Marillo Sauce. Chili Gastric is a pork loin that includes diced pumpkin squash. Michael Guiculia, executive chef partner of Leku

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