7 Best Hiking Trail around the world

7 Best Hiking Trail around the world

Adventure lovers will agree that there is nothing as exciting as a hike. Nothing matches the adrenaline rush and the sense of achievement felt at the top of the peak. Hiking is a serious activity and adventure lovers ensure that they put in their mind and body to succeed in the same. Backpack your way through one of the most dangerous hikes in the world! Here are 7 hikes every adventure enthusiast should try:

1. Machu Picchu, Peru:

On your trip to Machu Picchu, you have the opportunity to enjoy a trek through the mountains between which the city was built. Known as Hike of Death, you have to pass through the mythical city in your hike. The route is covered with mist and clouds which make it slippery and require a lot of concentration. Hikers need to be calm and cautious throughout the trail which runs 1000 feet above the ground. The trail is narrow, steep, and very tricky which is why hikers spend a lot of time planning their adventure before they set out on one.

2. The Maze, Canyonlands, Utah: 

This is one of the most isolated areas in the world and is visited by 2000 people each year. It is considered dangerous due to the number of dead ends, which is also why it is known as the Maze. The trail is not advisable to individuals who are afraid of heights and hikers need to be extremely cautious while hiking. If you are not with a group, there is a danger of losing your way on the trail.

3. Hua Shan Plank Path, China:

This is the ultimate and the most dangerous hike in the world. The Mount Huashan hike will guarantee thrill and adventure. This mountain is home to pilgrims who climb to the temples at the summit. It contains wooden planks and platforms that are bolted on both sides of the cliff and the path is about 100 feet long and it is 2000 feet above the ground. At a later stage, the planks disappear and the hikers need to use small divots that are carved into rocks in order to keep going.

4. El Caminito del Rey, Spain: 

This hiking trail is only 2-3 feet wide and 350 feet above the river. It was built on a steel path more than 100 years ago. Considered as one of the most dangerous hikes, it was initially constructed for works to maintain a hydroelectric plant but it opened up to the tourists and became one of the go-to destinations for hiking enthusiasts. The hike has planks that are supported by steel rails and there are a few sections where the planks are missing.

5. Bright Angel Trail, Arizona: 

This trail is not easy as it looks. The 9.5-mile trail has soaring temperatures which can be as high as 43 degrees Celsius. Although it has rest stations on the way, it seems easy initially but is a difficult hike to complete. If hikers do not bring enough water, they could suffer a heat stroke.

6. Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

As they say, the best view is always from the top. Hikers thoroughly enjoy their hike and are satisfied with the incredible views they get at the top. The starting point of this hike is extremely dangerous where there are two chain ladders and the hikers scramble to get up. Once they reach up, there are herding trails, rock scrambles, and animal tracks, but the view from the top is stunning.

7. Kalalau, Hawaii:

The hiking trail in Hawaii is located between a jungle, major stream crossings, and volcanic slopes. There are mountains on one side and an underdeveloped beach on the other. There are stunning views throughout the path but the route is very challenging. It does look like a simple track but can turn ugly if the hiker loses concentration. The hikers need to be really careful about the ocean waves and crumbling ledges.

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